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Thoughtful Gifts for Cancer Patients


Blanket, Book and Lotion Gift Ideas for a Friend Undergoing Cancer Treatment

It’s the dreaded news no one wants to hear or speak. But, sadly, many of us have experience — either personally or a loved one — with cancer. It can be such a lonely road to walk, even with friends and family walking right alongside you. And sometimes it’s hard to know how to help, what to do, or what to give. We’ve shared helpful ideas for what to do in this post but today we’re specifically sharing thoughtful gifts for cancer patients. 

You’ll notice a theme to these gifts, too. They’re ways to remind loved ones that they have people in their corner, and provide a sense of comfort and warmth (from the tips of their toes to their head, and their hearts!). We hope this list helps as you navigate how best to care for your loved one, and gives them strength during such a trying time.

A cozy sweater or wrap to help ease the cold of waiting rooms.
Pair this luxurious blanket with fuzzy socks for the ultimate cozy gift.
A soft robe to cover up and brighten up hospital rooms.
A gift card to a local juice bar helps keep them nourished.
A fragrance free moisturizer is a great for dry skin.
This portable air purifier can be used at home or in a hospital room.
This women's fleece jacket accommodates IV lines and ports.
These queasy drops help ease nausea on the harder days and would be nice in a gift basket.
Cozy and well-fitting socks are nice for hospital rooms and Bombas are the best.
A new, cozy set to keep her comfortable.
They can keep their loved ones close with a personalized photo blanket.
Dinner is one less thing to worry about with a DoorDash gift card.
The Mini Theragun to pack in their overnight bag to help with aches.
A Stanley is the perfect to-go tumbler to keep them hydrated.
A DIY manicure she can do anywhere and is so easy!
This coloring book Bible helps pass the time in hospitals.
A new, cute tote to carry their things to and from treatment.
The men's version of the jacket above is cozy and goes with everything.
The best cozy socks to help them stay warm in cold treatment rooms
The ultimate food gift basket filled with soup, rolls, and cookies.
An encouraging book about prayer during hard times would mean so much.
Give the gift of free and fast delivery with an Amazon Prime membership!
The Hill House nap dress is comfy and makes anyone feel pretty.
A new magazine subscription to help pass the time in treatment rooms.

Keep in mind too that many cancer patients have dietary restrictions and are prone to discomfort (especially during chemotherapy and radiation), so if you’re ever unsure of what to give we’d recommend reaching out to a family member. They’ll be sure to point you in the right direction. 

Our Get Well Gift Guide is another good resource for gifts for cancer patients as well as this nationwide food delivery guide where you can find a meal to send no matter where friends or family live.

We also have gift ideas for children recovering from surgery if you’re looking for something child-friendly to give. If you’ve had a cancer diagnosis, please share in the comments below what was helpful and meaningful to you and your family. And, please remember: Every cancer diagnosis is different. As you look through these gifts, remember that you know your loved one best and know what they need or would like. 


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