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Best Food Delivery Options For Gifting to Friends and Family


There’s a saying that good food warms the heart and the soul, and we’d add that good food sent to a friend or loved one warms both and then some. There’s nothing quite like a care package arriving on your doorstep — especially one that contains a treat or something yummy to remind you that someone’s thinking of you. With so many out sick right now, we thought we’d share our favorite resources for how to send food to someone who lives long distance, whether in the same state or across the country. Many of these are great options for sending for sending to new parents, sympathy gifts, and celebratory occasions too! 

A Few Tips for Sending Food: 

  1. Think beyond dinner! Breakfast and lunch items are so helpful, too. 
  2. If the parents are sick, send grab and go items for children. (Could order via Instacart, Shipt or Prime/Whole Foods!)
  3. Send something that could be stretched for multiple meals. (Dinner with leftovers, include breakfast or lunch items for the next day.)
  4. Don’t forget to confirm that the recipient will be home at the time of delivery. 
  5. Ask about allergies. 

Here are the tried-and-true companies, bakeries, and brands that we’ve used to bring a little sunshine to our loved ones’ days — in food form! 

Nationwide Shipping: 

  1. Southern Baked Pie: Delicious sweet and savory pies! Their chicken pot pie is a DoSayGive favorite. 
  2. Spoonful of Comfort: Soups and gourmet care packages for every occasion. Great for new moms or sympathy gifts
  3. Harry & David: For classic and thoughtful gourmet gift baskets. Their fruit baskets are a staple on our gift guides. 
  4. Williams-Sonoma: Another great option for gourmet gift baskets! Williams-Sonoma also has lots of sweet treats that ship from some of the most popular bakeries around the country. 
  5. Goldbelly: Endless options from restaurants around the country! 
  6. Omaha Steaks: For a “wow” gift! 
  7. Jack Stack BBQ: Delicious BBQ shipped nationwide. 
  8. Milkbar Store: For a celebratory occasion. This is a go-to for birthday cakes! 
  9. Jeni’s Ice Cream: Fun to send someone recovering from surgery! 
  10. Front Porch Pantry:  A great option for sending a complete meal to a family far away! 
  11. Goode Co.: Texas barbecue and pies! 

Nationwide Local Delivery: 

  1. Instacart / Shipt: Great for sending groceries and household items. 
  2. Clean Juice: A smoothie would be such a treat for someone who is sick! 
  3. Zoe’s: Their family meals feed a lot. 
  4. Panera: Send breakfast or lunch! 
  5. Einstein’s Bagels: Send a box of bangles for breakfast! 
  6. Flower Child: A go-to for healthy meals. Great for lunch or dinner! 
  7. Tiff’s Treats: A great option for sweet treats! These make a great thank you gift. Also great for hungry new moms in the hospital. 
  8. Corner Bakery – Send lunch – and their cinnamon creme cakes make great thank you gifts!

We asked our readers for their favorite local places for sustenance for friends and family. First I wanted to share my favorites in Dallas! Many of these can be delivered via food delivery apps. Just put in the zip code of the recipient to see what’s available for delivery 

Dallas, Texas Restaurants 

  1. Central Market – check out their fresh section on Instacart!
  2. Festive Kitchen  
  3. Eatzi’s
  4. Empire Baking Company (salads and breads)
  5. Holy Ravioli
  6. Mi Cocina
  7. Short Stop
  8. Cowboy Chicken
  9. Kuby’s 
  10. Fajita Pete’s
  11. La Madeline

DoSayGive Reader Recommendations for Local Delivery: 

Houston, Texas: 

  1. Local Table
  2. Hungry’s 
  3. Tiny’s
  4. Tres Market
  5. Awesome Bites

Fort Worth, Texas: 

  1. Hurley House

San Antonio, Texas: 

  1. Picnikins Cafe and Catering
  2. Coopers Meat Market

Nashville, Tennessee: 

  1. Katie’s Plates
  2. Tinwings

Brentwood, Tennessee: 

  1. Puffy Muffin

Memphis, Tennessee: 

  1. Muddy’s Bakery
  2. Lucchesi’s 
  3. City Silo
  4. Curbside

Raleigh, North Carolina: 

  1. Ladyfingers

Birmingham, Alabama: 

  1. Ashley Mac’s
  2. Meals by Misty

Mobile, Alabama: 

  1. Lela’s Catering
  2. Bake My Day

Atlanta, Georgia: 

  1. Lucy’s Market
  2. Instead of Flowers

Mariette, Georgia: 

  1. Simply Fresh

Lexington, Kentucky: 

  1. The Mouse Trap

Jackson, Mississippi: 

  1. Geraldine & Esma

Little Rock, Arkansas: 

  1. Catering to You (market) 
  2. Boulevard
  3. Caper’s Market
  4. Taziki’s
  5. Diane’s (prepared foods)

If you have a go-to spot for sending food long distance — whether a freezer meal, sweet treats, or gift cards — please let us know in the comments below! 

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  1. If I can’t make dinner for a friend or not sure what their exact needs are – I send Door Dash gift cards. You can do it from your phone in about 1 minute. Super easy!!