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A Fall Back to School Mom Uniform with Walmart

My girls aren’t the only ones gearing up for back to school season. The start of the school year (and changing of the seasons!) calls for a little outfit refresh for moms too:). Y’all have been loving the Walmart Fashion finds and I am excited…

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Simple School Lunch Ideas

We are continuing back to school week on DoSayGive with some easy, healthy and delicious school lunch inspiration. Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom for the best resources for school lunches and a handy printable to make your trips to the…

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DoSayGive’s Back to School Guides: Tips, Wisdom, Mom Hacks and More!

It’s Back to School Week here at DoSayGive! We’ve had so many wonderful resources over the years back to school tips, tricks, and wisdom here on the blog so I thought it might be helpful to put everything in one place for easy access.

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Children's Manners Series: Tips for instilling gracious manners into your children.
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Back to School Outfits for Moms (Old Navy Try-On Session)

It’s back to school week on DoSayGive. On Monday I shared some darling back to school themed outfits for children and three tips for kindergarten moms, yesterday I shared how to avoid overextending yourself by saying “no” to commitments that aren’t right for your season…

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Back to School Play Clothes and Athletic Wear with Walmart

Back to school week continues on DoSayGive! Today I am sharing some of my favorite finds for girls’ casual clothes, perfect for both after school play and sports and all available at Walmart at great prices. This post is sponsored by Walmart. Thanks for supporting…

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Children’s Manners Series: How to Teach Inclusivity

The last segment of our gracious children’s manners series is purposely timed with the start of the school year. The act of inclusivity is a manner that must be taught, modeled and practiced from a young age. Today we are sharing how to do just…

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Favorite Two Year Old Gifts and Toys!

Our one year old birthday gift post was so popular so it’s time for our two year old list! After four children, these are my absolute favorite toys and gift ideas for two year olds. There are some sweet heirloom and collectible  toys included!

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DoSayGive For The Next Generation: Our Big Launch!

It is an exciting day here at DoSayGive. I am so excited to share a project that I have been dreaming up for months – we are launching DSG Girl! It’s DoSayGive but for the next generation…

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Summer Vacation at The Broadmoor

We’re back from our Colorado summer vacation and, as promised, I’m sharing about our weekend at the The Broadmoor. It’s such an amazing spot for families during the summer!

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