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What to Say to Your Children About Disabilities and Other Differences

Have you ever been somewhere with your young child and suddenly he spots someone who looks or acts differently? Before you can steer him in a different direction, he starts pointing and (loudly) asking questions about the person. You freeze up, unsure of what to do…

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Tween and Teen Easter Basket Filler Ideas

You’re never too old for an Easter basket! Today we are sharing some fun ideas for tween and teen Easter baskets!

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Serena and Lily Design Event – 20% off Site Wide!

Serena and Lilly is having a Design Event with 20% off site wide with code INSPO. It’s a great time to buy pillows, chairs, or other decor items you’ve been eyeing. I’ve gathered up a few of my favorites in today’s post!

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Sweet Spring and Easter Books for Children!

Today I am sharing my favorite books to include in your children’s Easter baskets as well as beautiful children’s books you’ll want want display this time of year, including lots of books about springtime!

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Baby Nursery On a Budget + Meaningful Baby Gifts We Display

First child = go all out on custom nursery bedding and beautiful furniture. Fourth child = spend as little money as possible because you now have four children! That’s me at least. And that’s why I really debated sharing Louise’s nursery because it does not…

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Spring Break Packing List!

    We booked our spring break trip four days ago so I’ve been scrambling to gather swimsuits and warm weather clothes for my girls and me.  Want to see what I am packing? Keep reading!

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Ladylike Spring Dresses You’ll Wear All Season

I am loving all the feminine dresses I’m seeing online right now. They bring to mind a word my grandmother used often: ladylike. Something about the cut, the flow, the colors of these dresses makes me love spring even more. I tried on five dresses…

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Easter Basket Goodies & Gifts!

It’s here! DoSayGive’s Easter Basket idea post! So many cute ideas for things to put in Easter baskets as well as fun little gifts to send grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Plus, an exclusive DoSayGive code for the custom ceramic Easter eggs I’ve been collecting for…

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What to Do When a Friend Experiences A Tragedy

The heart of DoSayGive is sharing what to graciously do, say, and give in both times of joy and sadness. I receive so many emails from readers asking what to do when a friend unexpectedly loses a loved one or experiences some other kind of…

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