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What to Do When a Friend Gets COVID


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We’ve had many readers reach out and ask how they can help friends who are sick at home with COVID. Particularly for a family in which one spouse is sick and the other spouse is having to care for him or her, take care of the children, plan all the meals, work a full-time job all while quarantining at home. Furthermore, COVID presents the difficult challenge of cutting out all the “usual” helpers in a crisis such as grandparents and friends who have to stay away. 

So what can we do for friends in these circumstances? Keep reading for all the helpful ways!

1. Send a Meal or Meals!
Gift a Favor or UberEats gift card to make it convenient or a gift card to a local restaurant that delivers. During COVID some people are wary of homemade food and you don’t want to send meal kits. Make it easy and send a prepared meal or a gift card to a delivery company. 

dinner for a friend with covid

2. Send Whole Foods via Prime Delivery.
You can send ready-made lunches and dinner via Amazon Prime. Breakfast foods are so helpful, too!


3. Drop Off or Send Paper Products to Help With Meals.

Seems random but so helpful! Paper towels, napkins, paper plates, plastic utensils. Even bottled water and gatorade is great. 


4. Drop Off or Send a Care Package of Drugstore Necessities.

Score if you can find Clorox wipes! But any of the below are helpful.


5. Drop Off Non-Messy Activities for Children.

Click below to shop a few of my favorite ideas! 


Our Under $15 Gift Guide for Children also has lots of gifts ideas perfect for this situation! Here’s a fun idea from a DSG readers: wrap up a little activity everyday for 14 days or make a 14 day quarantine countdown calendar.

Another tip: put everything in a big basket for easy clean up after play!


6. Send Children a Young Wild and Friedman Kit!

Sensory kits are super fun and great to send long distance! Click here to order. 


7. Ask If Children Want to FaceTime to Play Charades or Another Game.

Grandparents can read to grandchildren on FaceTime!


8. Drop Off or Send Activities or Treats for the Adults 

Send a great book or email a list of favorite binge shows. Drop off a tea or smoothie (if that sounds good!). Send a cozy gift like cooling pajamas, a candle, blanket or puzzles and magazines to keep them entertained! 


See our Quarantine Gift Guide and Under $30 Gift Guide for more gift ideas!  

covid 19 laundry help
9. Arrange a Laundry Service!
Ask if a laundry service would be helpful!


10. Text Encouragement to Both the Sick Spouse and Well Spouse

Offer to mow their yard. Text if you are at Target to see if they need anything. Tell them you are thinking and praying for them.

Don’t ask a lot of questions, give false promises, share medical stories, or talk about your cousin’s wife’s sister’s experience with COVID. Don’t expect an immediate response to texts. 

spotify for covid

11. Send Encouraging Spotify Channels. 

Just email a link to this post – it has our favorite inspirational channels!

Don’t forget we have a post on what to do for someone in the hospital (some things don’t apply because of COVID but still helpful!). Be sure to browse our Quarantine Gift Guide for more thoughtful gifts to send during this extended time at home! 

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  1. The article on coved was excellent. Very thoughtful, practical and well done. Thanks for awareness that we have other things on our minds and great ways to address our concerns. NT