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Favorite Spotify and Pandora Stations!


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We’ve been listening to lots of music during our extended time at home. Music can do wonders to change the mood of a fussy toddler, to set a peaceful homeschool vibe and it can even draw teenagers out of their rooms for pre-dinner chats in the kitchen. Music is an instant mood uplifter and sometimes dance party initiator! So today I‘m sharing some of my favorite stations on Spotify and Pandora that you may not know about. And I would love to hear yours! 
You can download the (free) Spotify and Pandora apps on your phone. Play from your phone or connect to a Bluetooth speaker. (This is a great speaker for the price.)


Spotify Stations for Children

Morning Classical Music (For homeschool!)

Ellie Holcomb Sing: Creation Songs (Makes everyone smile!)

Getty Family Hymn Sing (If you want your children to know some sweet old hymns!)

PCPC Preschool Songs (Our church has several great playlists with Bible songs for children of different ages!)

PCPC Nursery Songs

PCPC Elementary Songs

Randall Goodgame (Also a CD/iTunes)

Don’t miss this post with favorite iTunes soundtracks for children. 


Christian Worship Songs and Hymn Playlists 

These station uplift even in the darkest days and are a beautiful way to fill our minds with God’s truth throughout the day. 

Indelible Grace (Pandora) 

JJ Heller Radio (Pandora)

Jadon Ladvik Radio (Pandora)

This is Keith & Kristyn Getty (Spotify)

Hillary Scott and Family Radio (Pandora)

Ellie Holcomb Radio (Pandora)

Sandra McCracken Radio (Pandora)

Fernanda Ortega Radio (Pandora)


Other Favorite Stations for Home

Nancy Meyers’ Movie Goodness (Instantly transform your home into a Nancy Meyers’ movie set with this Spotify playlist.)

True Jazz (One of my go-to evening Spotify playlists.)

Italian Cooking Music (Making lasagna or spaghetti? This Spotify playlist fits the mood!)

Motown Radio (Dancing with your husband encouraged with this Pandora station.)

French Cafe Lounge (I like this Pandora station for mid-morning coffee and cooking.)

Fleetwood Mac Radio (All time-favorites like Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder and Van Morrison on this Pandora Station)

State Fair of Texas: Music by Texas Icons (not a children’s station but it’s been fun to introduce music to our children to the likes of Buddy Holly, George Strait, Kenny Rogers, and Pat Green.)

Alicia Wood + Jackopierce Spring Playlist (If you love Jackopierce, you’ll love this new Spotify station from my friend Alicia Wood)

Would love to hear what y’all like listening to in your homes! Share below so we can add to our list. Or share photos of your family listening to music at home and tag us on social media: @dosaygive and #dosaygiveathome. Read more about it here


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5 thoughts on “Favorite Spotify and Pandora Stations!

  1. My daughters and I sat down recently and made them a playlist of everyone’s favorite songs. Kid’s worship, princesses, etc. This has helped with arguing over who gets to choose the music or complaining about someone else’s choice. They all know their favorite will eventually come on. 🙂