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We are in this Together: Join Me for DoSayGive at Home!

Well here we are. Many of us are about to embark on a few weeks at home, maybe much longer. Will you join me in encouraging our friends and family to stay home by sharing what you #dosaygiveathome? 
After a week of prepping and getting things orderly in my home, I’ve decided I have two choices: paralyzing panic or steady calm. I choose the latter because I see this as an opportunity. 
A chance to fill my home with love and memories.
A time to show my children that we can trust the Lord in all things and that He is our refuge in times of trouble. ¹
A moment in our family’s history to draw us closer to one another.
I’m calling this little challenge “DoSayGive at Home” and I’d love for each of you to join in too!
Instead of lamenting, let’s relish the excuse to slow down. Let’s make being at home fun, enriching and unifying for our families. For mothers, let’s steer our little crew with calm and joy amidst hard times. Join the mothers of ages past who have seen their children through much harder times.
Let’s encourage one another to be home to help protect the weaker members of society but not lose our sense of community. 
So please start sharing what you #dosaygiveathome on social media and use our hashtag so people can get ideas and be encouraged. And tag @dosaygive so we can repost! Your photo doesn’t have to be pinterest-worthy. Simple, funny, messy, cute. Let’s bring joy and inspiration to one another! 
Over the next few days and weeks, I am going to be sharing ideas and inspiration for simple ways we can do, say, and give from home during this trying time in addition to already planned spring content. Here’s what you can expect to see on our channels:
  • Simple ways to make your home a respite for your family
  • Classic books about courageous children and historical figures
  • Home project ideas your children can help with
  • Simple, enriching activities for families
  • Thoughtful things to do for others
  • Quiet time ideas
  • Work from home tips for parents
  • How to make an Easter garden
  • Tips for keeping things orderly and remaining sane!
  • Meal ideas with minimal ingredients
  • Audiobooks recommendations for children
  • Encouraging Scripture and music. 

Just leave your email address here and follow along on Instagram to get all of my DoSayGive at Home ideas! (If you are already subscribed to our emails you don’t need to sign up!)

Remember, if you do any of the suggested activities (or have ideas of your own that readers might like!) tag @dosaygive and #dosaygiveathome so we can see and share with everyone else! 

P.S. For tips on what to say to your children about the Coronavirus, head to this post I shared yesterday. 


Grace and James Easter bubble 

Table Cloth

Easter Egg Holder



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