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What to Give Someone Recovering From Surgery or Illness


On Instagram a couple of days ago, I talked about how my mom took such good care of us when we were sick when we were little. She would put so much love into seemingly small gestures — a cold, soothing drink, a small vase of flowers, our favorite foods — and little get well gifts to lift our spirts. I’ve carried those moments with me as I’ve cared for my own family, and put it into practice when friends and loved ones are recovering from surgeries or illnesses, too. There’s something about feeling loved in our most vulnerable moments that means more than words can say. 

Many people have a hard time asking for help in their time of need, so I think one of the most thoughtful things we can do for those we love is preemptively gather a few get well gifts to help make their recovery easier. Or at least a little more comfortable. If a friend has a long hospital stay ahead of them, there’s nothing better than a warm blanket they can keep bedside (we all know those hospital blankets are paper thin!). If a loved one will be cooped up inside, set up an outdoor bird feeder camera so they can get a small taste of the outdoors. Little things to show you’re thinking about them!

We have an entire gift guide dedicated to Get Well Gift Guide, but today I wanted to share some of the most popular gifts with readers as well as a few personal favorites. And don’t forget the most important gift of all: Your presence. Recovering from a surgery or illness can be a long and lonely road — texts, calls, cards, and visits (if allowed) often mean more than any gift. 


The prettiest breakfast tray they'll have for years!
Nugget ice is a treat! They can keep this countertop ice maker close for refills anytime.
Love this bird-watching camera for anyone who can't get outside!
A little bell they can ring when they need something!
A sudoku or crosswords book is the perfect way to pass the time! Pair with new pencils!
A Stanley is a welcome change from the hospital water jugs!
A tea sampler set they can brew to warm them up. Easy to send long distance on Amazon.
A Barefoot Dreams blanket is the ultimate luxury for someone recovering from treatment or surgery. Several colors.
Cozy socks to keep them warm in cold hospital rooms or at home!
Another beautiful tray they can use for meals, reading, and more! Under $100.
Send the gift of a home-cooked meal with Spoonful of Comfort.
Beautiful Scripture cards to lift their spirits and encourage them in their recovery.

Be sure to visit our full Gift Guide for more ideas. 

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