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What to Give a Child Recovering from Surgery


Get Well Gift Basket for Children, Tweens, and Teens

Do you know a child who is recovering from surgery or facing a hospital stay? We’ve gathered some great gifts for children recovering from surgery. Activities to keep them entertained, funny gifts, and even thoughtful things that will encourage them during a difficult time. Put some of these together for a fun gift basket or send these gifts long distance!

Get well gift basket for children, tweens, and teens

Many of these things that keep hands busy as they pass the time in a hospital bed or resting at home, beyond watching TV or being on an iPad, that help make the most of downtime. And the great thing about these gifts is that they can be used in the hospital — do a puzzle, draw, or do Sudoku on the hospital tray together! — or at home. Beyond gifts, consider sentimental gestures as well:

  • Handwritten notes of encouragement from family members
  • Drawings or cards from classmates to decorate the hospital room
  • Video messages from friends
  • A new pair of PJs or slippers
  • Their favorite stuffed animal waiting for them in their room
  • Special deliveries of balloons, flowers, or cookies
  • A cozy blanket (hospitals are always so cold!)

Shop some gifts below that I’ve found from experience to help children pass the time during recovery:

Any little girl would love for her AG doll to have this matching 'get well kit'!
Reusable stickers provide hours of entertainment! Under $20, too!
You can't go wrong with classic LEGOs. Keeps little hands and minds busy!
This activity book is perfect for children ages 6 and up and filled with fun puzzles!
A sweet flower pot plush they can cuddle with and that'll brighten any room!
A Harry Potter deck of cards is perfect for tweens and older!
An origami set is a great way to pass the time while they're recovering!
Gift them a new Rubik's cube, then watch videos to learn how to solve together!
This mini Pac-Man game is perfect for hospital rooms!
This puzzle box makes opening a gift card fun and challenging!
A great game they can play solo or try to solve with family and friends!
For anyone who may be in bed for awhile, this ceiling basketball hoop is so fun.
Tweens and teens would love this cross-stitch kit! Pair with flowers!
They'll love a new Sharpie set, and visitors can write colorful notes for their recovery room!
For any Harry Potter lover! A watercolor set that will bring a little magic anywhere!
Pair this Sudoku book with new pencils! They can keep solving at home, too!
Crumbl cookies are sure to sweeten anyone's day! Order enough for nurses, too!
Send well wishes from afar with this sweet cookie tin!
Great for the athlete and would make for a thoughtful team gift!
Let them know they're "one tough cookie" with this fun cookie gift box!

And if you’re looking for more thoughtful gifts for children recovering from surgery, our Get Well Gift Guide is filled with ideas for all ages!

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