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Lee’s Favorite Things! (And Great Gift Ideas!)


“Lee, what’s that concealer you love? The hot rollers you mentioned? The size of the Away luggage you like?”

I receive so many questions about the things I post about often on my Instagram stories I decided to make a SHOP tab on DoSayGive’s home page where my favorites will live all year long!

Included on the list is the hair remover my dermatologist told me about that you can get on Amazon Prime, my favorite packing cubes, the classic white tennis shoes I love every summer  (although I packed these for our recent trip), my favorite children’s shampoo line, the camera I use for blog photos, when I don’t have a photographer, the jeans I love from Walmart, the best travel wrap ever (seriously the best for cold airplane and cool nights!) and so much more!

Browse it all here and let me know what I need to add.

Also, you can browse all of my travel favorites here.


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