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4 Reasons to LOVE the Dyson Hair Dryer – with eBay!


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I didn’t want to buy it, y’all. Even though I’ve read all the awesome reviews about the Dyson hair dryer, and have had it on my gift guide ever since it came out, I just didn’t want to pay the steep price for a hair dryer. But y’all I bought it recently. And I didn’t pay the full price because I got it on eBay! Today I am giving my full review of the Dyson hair dryer and how getting it on eBay is such a great idea!

UPDATE: Cyber Week Steal on Refurbished Dyson Hair Dryers!

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I have talked about a lot about my Dyson cordless vac (best.thing.ever). It was because I was so impressed with its quality and efficiency that I decided to take the plunge on the Dyson hair dryer. You can find new and refurbished hair dryers on eBay. I went with a refurbished one. You can see from the photos that it looks brand new! It didn’t come in the original packaging but it came with all the attachments. Even better: most refurbished Dyson items come with an official 12 month Dyson guarantee. Perfect!

Also, did you know that 60% of items on eBay ship for free? Including the hair dryer and other top beauty and hair products that we all love. I found my favorite Oribe product that shipped free and super fast (and at a great price!). Everything came in the proper packaging and was just like I would buy at a high end beauty store or salon.

After using the Dyson hair dryer for three weeks now I can confirm what all the hype is about:

It is quicker!

I remember in high school when I first learned about the “roller brush” method of drying my hair it would take me a full 45 minutes to dry my hair! Over the years, as hair dryers improved, that time decreased but it still felt like it took forever to dry my hair. But then came the Dyson. I don’t know what those Dyson people do to make such efficient products but now I can dry my long hair in 15 minutes! If you have a lot of hair like me, and are short on time, having a hair dryer that cuts drying time in half is a great investment in my opinion.

It is quieter!

No need to go downstairs to blow dry my hair anymore (our bedroom is right next to the baby’s room) because the Dyson hair dryer is much quieter than most powerful hair dryers. I can enjoy talking to my husband or children and not feel like I am yelling at them – ha!

It is lighter!

Most high-end hair dryers are quite heavy. The Dyson is lighter and not so awkward trying to hold while using a roll brush. And it doesn’t take up a lot of room in a suitcase which makes it great for travel.

It is milder!

Did I ever tell the story of how my hair started breaking off in chunks and I had no idea why. I thought it was a vitamin deficiency but finally my hair stylist told me it was damage from a hair dryer! Probably one of those cheap hotel hair dryers. She told me to never use hotel hair dryers because they are too hot. As are a lot of the hair dryers on the market. Lesson learned: hotter is not necessarily better when it comes to hair dryers. The Dyson is still quick even though it’s not scalding hot (which makes it better for moms with little ones!).

For all these reasons, a Dyson hair dryer would obviously be such a great gift this holiday season. Sometimes the most thoughtful gifts are the ones people wouldn’t buy for themselves, don’t you think?

If you have a Dyson hair dryer comment below and let me know!


Photos: Audrie Dollins


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