Childhood Memories of Homemade Key Lime Pie

Homemade Key Lime Pie – from Joy + Oliver!


key lime pie recipe

There was a beautiful lime tree in our backyard growing up in South Florida and I remember playing under its shady branches with my sister and our dolls for hours on end.  With our endless supply of limes my mom made so many key lime pies over the years. So of course key lime pie brings back such happy summer memories! And the homemade key lime pie recipe from Joy + Oliver is fabulous. The key ingredient (of course) is the lime juice!

Tip: if you don’t know about this bottled lime juice, it makes the best key lime pie, especially when using Joy + Oliver’s recipe. You can usually find at Kroger or your local grocery store. 

Joy + Oliver uses a homemade graham cracker crust which is super easy to do but you always use store bought to save time (but homemade is so much better!). You can dollop homemade whip cream on top or be fancy with a pastry bag.

However you make it, the recipe is so easy and SO good! It would be a lovely summer gift to drop off on someone’s porch as a thoughtful summer gesture. 

Find the full homemade key lime recipe including a printable version on Joy + Oliver’s site

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