Gorgeous DIY Summer Arrangement Using Trader Joe's Flowers!

Gorgeous DIY Summer Arrangement from Huckleberry Collective

Huckleberry Collective
Who in your life could use some fresh flowers to brighten their day? A struggling friend, a new mom, neighbors who recently moved in next door? Today on DoSayGive.com, Stylist and Floral designer, Christina Brockman of Huckleberry Collective, is showing us how to pick up a few floral varieties at Trader Joe’s and turn them into a stunning floral arrangement for someone’s home – or even your own!
I am so thankful to  from Huckleberry Collective for guest posting and letting us in on how easy it is to make a modern yet friendly arrangement:
Step One. Select your blooms. The flowers featured here are all from my local Trader Joe’s store.
Huckleberry Collective
Step 2. Select your container (you can find a cylinder container similar to this at Target or Hobby Lobby) and grid the top with floral tape.
Huckleberry Collective
Step 3. Begin “Greening” the outside and center squares of your container grid. The Greening process helps set the container for the flowers, and creates a nest.
Huckleberry Collective
Step 4. Next, you’ll begin adding in your florals in a triangle shape, and working in 3’s. I started with Alstroemeria because it has lots of greenery.
Huckleberry Collective
Step 5. Next I began to mix up what florals, but continued working in my triangle shape, slowly building texture throughout.
Huckleberry Collective
You will reach a point where you begin to fill in the holes of your arrangement. You will break from the rule of 3 and add in where you see needs it.
Huckleberry Collective
Step 7. Once completed, fill container with water, add in your floral food and enjoy!
Huckleberry Collective

Featured Flowers

  • Ruscus
  • Hyacinth
  • Alstroemeria
  • Chamomile
  • Spray Roses
  • Scabiosa
  • Veronica
  • Carnation


  • A Container
  • Floral Tape
  • Snips or Scissors for Flowers
  • Floral Food (should come with flowers)
  • Greenery and Florals of varying colors and textures (to taste or like)


  • Make sure all of your flowers are free of leaves. Removing the leaves and ensuring none of them are in your water ensures that your arrangement will last longer.
  • Snip stems at an angle. This helps them to absorb more water.
  • Cutting flowers at different heights helps create dimension.

Thank you so much, Christina! You can see more of her beautiful styling on her website and on Instagram.

Based in Birmingham, Alabama, Huckleberry Collective, is a lifestyle brand focused on hosting, styling, florals, recipes, and everyday life. Christina Brockman is The Food and Flower Enthusiast and the face behind Huckleberry Collective. Christina’s passion for aesthetic imagery is the fuel for each story-telling shot you see.




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