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Classic Children’s Summer Book Club 2019!

Classic Children's Books

      Classic Childrens book club

DoSayGive’s Classic Children’s Summer Book Club is back! I am so excited to slow down this summer with my children with the help of beautiful classic children’s books. All the details in today’s post!

Last May I pulled together something that I thought a few dozen people might be interested in – a book club for children that was low stress but still quite enriching. I was blown away by the signups! We had over 600+ people in our book club last summer and it made me realize that moms are craving two things: 1) A low key summer with their children that’s still memorable and fun. And 2) insight into how to select great (non-junky) books for their families with rich storylines and beautiful illustrations. The summer was memorable for all who took part in the club. You can see from the photos in this post the sweet memories our family made.

Last year we taught moms how to make watercolors an easy activity to take on any trip to the park…

So the book club is back this summer and and better than before (if that’s possible!). We’ve curated a master list of books with themes like “Adventure Awaits” and “Naturally Wonderful” with simple, enriching activity and outing ideas, all while tying in art, music, and nature. Y’all it is going to be such a sweet summer and the best part: all the work to find sweet books and activities is done for you!

Why classic books?

Much like we choose the healthiest foods for our children’s bodies, I believe most parents also want to put the best of the best in their children’s minds. Many of the classic books I am sharing in DoSayGive’s Summer Book Club have stood the test of time so you can trust that they are good for your children and grandchildren. Much like food, I’ve found that when you feed children’s minds with really rich stories and illustrations, they start to recognize and, dare I say, prefer those same type of books.

Overall, this series will give you a foundation for choosing better books, whether old or new. 

Moreover, the classic children’s books in this series emphasize good, lovely, noble, and virtuous storylines. And many of them will encourage your children to be caught up in their innocent imaginations, which is what children should be doing during the summer.

What is unique about this book club?

1. It’s enriching.

The books we have selected will broaden your child’s view of the world. They will learn history and art, explore nature, and experience compassion. They will grow their vocabulary and language through exposure to quality text.
Blueberry picking will again be an activity suggestion during our third week – all about summer foods!

2. It’s relational

Sharing books with your children is one of the most important and precious ways to spend your time. Your family will find particular favorites that are the books you read over and over again and become a part of your family culture. And you will create special family memories this summer (without spending a lot of money!).

3. It’s fun!

We are providing easy activities to compliment the books you read. These activities will be simple, fun, and engaging. No iPad needed:).
During our “Things that Move Week” last year….the trolleys were a big hit!

Who is it for? 

We believe the book club should be a family experience! The majority of the books are picture books geared towards 3-7 year old, but we have also selected a few chapter books for each week’s theme for older children as well as board books for babies.
Truly, a good picture book can be enjoyed at any age, especially when many of the books touch on points in history or social issues that really encourage conversations with your child. You will enjoy the perspective that comes from your elementary ages or if you have your middle school children read aloud to your younger ones.

What if I can’t read every week or every book? 

This is a very laid back book club. If you can only participate certain weeks, that’s great! If you only read one book a week, that’s fine, too. Perhaps you only want to participate the week your grandchildren are staying with you. This is LOW KEY and participation is as little or as much as you want. And you will have the book list and downloads to keep so you can draw from them throughout the year and for years to come.

Side note: I am not even providing a rewards checklist because I don’t want reading classics to be a chore, but something that becomes an enjoyable habit and tradition in your family. BUT if you are doing a local library or bookstore reading contest use this list to help choose good books!

And it’s a purchase that supports a great cause!

A portion of the proceeds will go to High Risk Hope, a non-profit that provides support, information and encouragement to families experiencing high risk pregnancy and premature birth. Specifically, funds will be used to purchase NICU bundles that include a classic board book for families to read aloud to their preemie as studies show the importance of doing so.

How do I sign up?

Sign up at this link.

We begin June 2nd! When you purchase membership into the book club you will instantly receive a link to download the master book list, divided by week, so you can start checking out books from your local library or order on Amazon. The membership site will open to members on May 29th with the first week’s list of activities (which will also be sent via email!).

Want to be an affiliate?

Share the book club with your friend group or in your online community and receive a commission any time someone purchases the book club using your link. Click here to sign up.

Hope to get to know you a little better this summer!

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  1. Hi! I’m so excited for the book club! I signed up on May 28th but I haven’t received any information besides my paypal receipt. Can you check to see if I’m signed up and resend me the email?