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“What to Do” for Others Right Now


So glad y’all are do, say and giving at home. Stay tuned for a printable of simple and enriching activities to do at home and so much more. I want you to share your ideas for spending time at home so be sure to tag @dosaygive in your photos or shoot me a DM!

One thing to remember is that just because we aren’t doesn’t mean we can’t do things for others. DoSayGive is about being “lovely and gracious in everything we do, say, and give” so I wanted to share thoughtful ideas that could help others even outside your home. 

1. Pray

I know, obvious! Pray for hospital workers, loved ones, for city, state, for our country leaders to make wise decisions, for the Lord’s healing and mercy, that people will turn to Him during these uncertain times. Let this be a time where we pray with our children and families and show them what it looks like to have faith during trials. We will not panic. We will put out trust and find refuge in the Lord. The Every Moment Holy book and Instagram page have some beautiful liturgies to help pray Scriptures right now. 

2. Stay Home.

Seriously the most thoughtful thing we can do right now. I think/hope everyone understands the importance of flattening the curve. 

3. Shop Small.

Let’s support those small and local businesses! (We have so many on our gift guide!) Most stores have websites, will deliver or bring to your car! Many companies are adapting to serve their customers better including restaurants. So call your go-to places and check to see how they are adapting and how you can give them your business.

A few businesses I know of:

  • Alto (Dallas)  is a car ride service that will now run any errands. Perfect to help out elderly family and friends!
  • Guthrie’s (Dallas) a catering company that will now deliver meals!
  • Spiffy will come de-sanitize your car! 
  • DFW Laundry will pick up/deliver laundry and dry cleaning. Since everyone is home the laundry is going to start piling up. 
  • Fun activity idea: order a container garden from Gardenuity – it has everything you need for an herb, vegetable, taco seasoning, and other gardens!

Share your city and companies that will deliver or do curb side pick ups!

Another way to shop small: if you are wanting your house to feel lovely and full of cheer order some spring or Easter decor. 

Another thoughtful option: Buy gift cards at your favorite local restaurant that you know you will use in the future! 

3. Check on elderly neighbors and nursing home residents.

Many lists are encouraging people to make food and bake goods for our elderly neighbors. I would be extremely cautious about this as it could potentially spread germs if food is not handled properly. Call a restaurant that follows strict guidelines or have basics delivered that can be easily prepared. One way to reduce exposure is to call or a leave a note in a neighbor’s mailbox with your number.

4. If you are going to the store or ordering from the store, call a friend or neighbor to see if she needs anything. 

A friend did this yesterday and it was SO thoughtful! 

5. Pay your housekeeper or nanny.

Even if they aren’t coming this week or next. It’s the right thing to do if you are able. 

6. Facetime, call, or make videos for isolated grandparents or great-grandparents. 

7. Do not go to the doctor unless absolutely necessary. 

Let’s not clog up the medical community. 

8. If you have a hair/nail appointment coming up, offer to prepay and postpone the appointment later. 

9. Give to local homeless shelters and food banks. 

10. Send a thoughtful gift to a loved one! 

Send a happy Easter surprise to worried grandchildren or nieces/nephews (teen gift guide here). Or something lovely to your grandmother or mother. Again, support those small businesses! 

What are you doing for others right now? Don’t forget to tag @dosaygive and use #dosaygiveathome so we can see!

Source: Lounge Gown c/o Grace and James Kids / Jesus Story Book Bible 




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