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Favorite Children’s Gift Bibles and Books!



Let me preface this by saying: I am not a Bible expert! We have just received a lot of children’s Bibles and gift books over the years. And with Easter, and probably a lot of baptisms coming up, I thought it’d be fun to share the Bibles and bible gift books that we’ve loved over the years and why.

I have included some photos of the inside of the books to give you a better idea of the age-range and illustrative quality. Click on title to go to Amazon link or they are all inked below. I don’t quote the price because Amazon is changing them all the time! You can also find most of these at your local Christian bookstore, but not all. I think all of these Bibles would make wonderful Easter basket additions, baby or birthday gifts.

 1. The Rhyme Bible Storybook for Toddlers and The Rhyme Bible Storybook

We have the Rhyme Bible for Toddlers. It’s so simple, but cute. Rhymes just stick with children, don’t they? This is is definitely for toddlers.


My version (above) is out of print, but you can get it used, or the newer version with different illustrations below. We don’t have the regular Rhyme Bible, but I have friends whose children enjoy that one as well.

2. Read Aloud Bible Stories

I have volumes I and II from when I was a child and now my children know the stories of Bartimaeus and Zaccheus backwards and forwards, too! I don’t know why, but there’s something intriguing to me about not ever seeing Jesus’ face in the illustrations (it gets your imagination going, I guess!) and the word patterns are great for toddlers/pre-schoolers (“Step, step, step…”). Get volumes one and two for a birthday or baby or birthday gift.


I will note the story from Luke 10 in Volume 2  about the man who was hurt was a little scary for my sensitive two year old (just because he looks really hurt) so just we just skipped that one until she was ready:).

3. The Big Picture Bible

This next one is a BIG hardcover Bible. But it’s title doesn’t come from it’s size, rather from it’s context. For little ones (2-6) this Bible helps tell the big picture of the Bible – from Genesis to Revelation.


The Big Picture Bible has colorful, happy illustrations that appeal to toddlers and pre-schoolers. It’s not over their heads.  You can get it for about $20 on Amazon and this makes a great gift as well. (A BIG presentation, too!).

4. The Jesus Storybook Bible

Next up is my favorite story Bible, The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones. It falls along the same lines as the previous Bible, connecting the dots between Genesis and Revelation and pointing all the stories toward Jesus. It’s wordier than the Big Picture Bible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t read it to younger children. The language is beautiful and should be read aloud to children who aren’t old enough to read. I starting reading this to my daughter when she was three or four. But don’t forget to show them the illustrations. They are wonderful, too:

jesusstorybook bible

5. Catherine Vos, “The Child’s Story Bible”

I feel so blessed to have been introduced to this Bible by my daughters’ school. Otherwise, I would not have known about! The Child’s Story Bible was written in 1935 by a mother who had told these Bible stories to her children for years. For the most part, it tells the stories of the Bible chronologically and in the most beautiful way. So many children’s story Bibles water down Scripture. This is no way dumbs it down, but neither does it go over their heads. We have read this Bible for the past four years and I sincerely get as much out of it as my children.


I was reading the reviews on Amazon and many said they gave this Bible as a baby gift. I would have never thought of that, but yes, now I agree!

7. MY ABC Bible Verses: Hiding God’s Word in my Heart


My sister kept this book in her car and would read it to her younger children while waiting in the carpool line. She inspired me to get this book and my girls memorized lots of Bible verses with this book. (I don’t think we finished it though, because it disappeared, which is why I don’t have a photo of the interior!) It is not a story Bible, but is good for Scripture memorization. Makes a great birthday gift for preschoolers/kindergarteners, too!

6.  Prayer for a Child: Lap Edition



You see this classic book at baby stores, and it’s really just a prayer that children can easily memorize. A little old-fashioned, but I still like it. And the illustrations are sweet, too. Great to pair with another baby gift or put in a toddler’s Easter basket.

Suggestions for more children’s gift Bibles? Comment below for the other readers! \\






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