Meaningful New Home Traditions

Meaningful New Home Traditions…from Our Readers!


There are so many people who have moved in the past year or so, that we thought we’d ask our readers for some of their favorite traditions that made moving to a new home special. We were so touched away by your responses! Each one held so much meaning, and we just knew we had to share them.  Moving into a new home is one of the most exciting times — a time when a new chapter begins and new memories are made. So it’s fitting to have a special way to celebrate such a special new beginning!

We love meaningful traditions here at DoSayGive, the ones that our children remember and can pass down to their own families one day. Below you’ll find some of our favorite new home traditions, as well as some from our readers. If you have anything to add to this list, please comment below!

Meaningful Traditions When Moving to a New Home

Write Bible verses on the studs, frame, or walls (before they’re painted).

On your first night in your new home, have an indoor picnic on the floor of your living room together (especially wonderful if your furniture isn’t in yet!).

Have family or friends come to your home to pray over and bless it before you move in.

Read the ‘new home’ excerpt from “Every Moment Holy” together as a family. (Buy it here on Amazon!)

Purchase gifts for your children and put them in their new rooms for them to find.

Put together an outdoor toy basket — with chalk, bubbles, and a jump rope — to enjoy in the front yard. This is also a fabulous way to meet new neighbors as they walk by!

Plant a new tree in the front or backyard together as a family.

Nail a Jan Barboglio cross into a tree in the backyard, and watch as the tree grows around it. 

Christen the house with a pizza and bubbly dinner as a family (bubbles for the adults, cider for the children).

And if you’re looking for a lovely gift for someone moving into a new home, be sure to take a look at our Housewarming Gift Guide! You’ll find thoughtful gifts at all price points that new homeowners are sure to love!


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