A Lovely Housewarming Gift Basket

A Lovely Housewarming Gift Basket


 So many people have moved in 2021 so chances are you’ve thought about dropping off a housewarming gift to a friend or a new neighbor. But what to bring?  Today I want to share with you my go-to housewarming gift (or gifts, I should say): A housewarming gift basket! 

I think one of the most thoughtful things you can do for others is celebrate alongside them when there’s something worth celebrating. And a new home is certainly worth celebrating! And amidst all the clutter and boxes, it’s nice to take a break from unpacking when someone drops off a little something special. And this basket is pretty special. 

Now I will say that any one gift would be welcome and appreciated on its own. But I do love putting together a basket filled with goodies that I know my recipient will love. You can use a basket that you already have at home (although I found this one recently at Michael’s) and fill it with any number of things — a candle, a tea towel, cookies. Today I’m going to share with you a few of my favorite items to add to housewarming gift baskets that have always been a big hit. 

I always like to include a loaf of freshly baked bread in any basket I take to someone, primarily because I love the symbolism it holds. Traditionally, a loaf of bread was given to someone as a means of blessing for their new home. Bread symbolizes life and carries the blessing of “may this home never know hunger.” You can pick up freshly baked bread from a grocery store or a local bakery (bonus points if you bake it yourself!). I love Empire Baking Co. in Dallas!

You also can’t go wrong with a candle — like this votive from Diptyque — or a lovely coffee table book. (We have an entire post with coffee table books that make great gifts!)

These small touches can make a big impact in a room, which is especially helpful for new homeowners or newlyweds as they decorate their home for the first time!

If you’re including food in your gift basket, you might think about adding a set of disposable plates — simply because they may not have unpacked their dishes yet! I added these beautiful floral dinner plates since I was also dropping off dinner, and they’re under $5 for a set of eight! There are so many pretty paper plates on Amazon

And lastly, I love finishing off a housewarming gift basket with flowers or a potted plant. This holds symbolism as well, and offers the blessing of “may your home always have life.” Grab a small plant from your favorite garden store (this is from Nicholson-Hardie– in Dallas), pot it in one of these beautiful stone pots, and you’re all set.

Now you know my secret when it comes to putting together a thoughtful and meaningful housewarming gift basket! Something to nourish, something to enliven, and a few little somethings to bring joy. You can’t go wrong! 

Wicker Basket
The design of this basket lets you easily see the contents inside.
Diptyque Votive
I always keep votive candles on hand for gifts and gift baskets.
Coffee Table Book
A coffee book is a great housewarming gift - don't forget to write an inscription!
Dinner Plates
Paper plates are helpful during those first few days after move in.

Flower Pots
I potted plant is a lovely housewarming gift, too.
A Tea Towel
Welcome them to your state with these cute state tea towels.
Something cozy for the home! Free shipping.
Dish Soap Set
You could make an entire gift basket out of nice soaps and cleaning sprays!

If you’re looking for more housewarming gift ideas, we have a whole section dedicated to housewarming gifts in our permanent Gift Guide. Be sure to take a look to see what we recommend! 


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4 thoughts on “A Lovely Housewarming Gift Basket

  1. Hi Lee!

    I love the bread idea and have also included that in my “new mom” basket for friends who have just had a baby. I think the bread looks great without the wrapping, but do you include that underneath the loaf or somewhere in the basket so they can wrap it back up if not eating it right away?


    1. Good question! I took the photo without the plastic sleeve just because it’s hard to photograph cellophane and plastic! I actually gave my friend the basket with a loaf with the bag on!