5 Ways to Create an Inviting Home This Holiday Season

5 Tips for an Inviting Home this Fall


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Welcoming guests into your home doesn’t have to be stressful. Today I’m sharing 5 easy tips for making your home warm and inviting this fall. 

We can show love for our visiting neighbors and friends in such little ways. Tea brewing on the stove, flowers in a bud vase, and even light music in the background can make guests feel welcomed and comfortable. But autumn brings even many ways to show hospitality in our homes. Here are five ways I try to make my home more inviting for family and friends during the fall:  

1. Create a welcoming front porch.

It’s amazing how a few colorful potted mums can brighten up a front porch. Add a few pumpkins and you’re ready for fall!

When I’m having guests for dinner I will put my lanterns out on my porch – something about flickering light draws people in. Switching out your front door mat for something festive is another easy way to dress up a home for fall. 

2. Add some charm to your front door.

A beautifully decorated front door graciously welcomes people into your home before they even step foot in the door! Some years I display fall wreaths, others willow baskets filled with berries or potted flowers. Beautiful ribbon makes both feel more special. 

3. Bring the aroma of autumn inside with a candle or a homemade treat. 

My parents’ home is always so inviting and cozy and I think part of it is that my mom always has a lovely candle burning and usually something baking in the oven, too. If you have guests coming, consider putting some slice and bake cookies in the oven (I always keep frozen cookie dough from Festive Kitchen in my freezer!) or Trader Joe’s has some easy pumpkin bread mixes, too. Even easier: light one of our favorite fall candles. This Cider candle smells so good even when it’s not burning. 

One more candle tip: I have flameless candles in my den and every evening at 5 pm they come on and they just make things so cozy! 

4. Replace Hand Towels in the Guest Bathroom

It’s not a pleasant experience to use someone’s bathroom and see a dingy hand towel. So whenever I have guests I make sure there is a fresh hand towel or even disposable hand towels. We also have some cute fall hand towels in our Fall Favorites Guide

5. Make a Beautiful Welcome Basket for Overnight Guests

Hospitality means “the friendly and generous welcoming of guests.” And what is more welcoming than a basket full of goodies waiting for them? Repurpose a basket you have and add some cozy fall things for your guests. A soft throw blanket and magazines, bottled water, and extra toiletries you’ve saved from hotel stays. Add a few special chocolates for a special touch!

The Best Way To Show Hospitality

Special decor touches definitely make guests feel welcome but gracious manners are really the heart of hospitality. This post has great tips for being a good host (like what you should do as soon as someone walks in the door!) and this post will help you brush up on your conversation skills. If you have children, make sure they greet your guests and show respect by looking them in the eye while speaking

You can find more beautiful things for your home for fall in our Fall Favorites Guide!

Have any tips for creating an inviting home? Share below!



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5 tips for an inviting home this holiday season

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