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DoSayGive’s Holiday Tipping Guide


It’s that time of year when we need to start thinking about how to thank the people who help us all year long — hair stylists, care givers, and delivery drivers, just to name a few. DoSayGive is here to help with a full list of service providers to consider plus suggested amounts, including a (free!) printable holiday tipping guide so you don’t forget anyone!

Year end tipping can be such a blessing to people in the service industry. Think of it like a holiday bonus!

Sometimes though, cash is not appropriate in all situations. For example, the USPS prohibits cash gifts. And it’s inappropriate to tip people like a therapist or a child’s coach (a gift card is fine, though!). 

We’ve outlined everything you need to know about holiday tipping below. Do remember that these are meant to serve as suggestions — use your budget and the below list to guide you this year. If tipping is not in your budget, consider writing a note from your family or having your children make cards to let people know you are grateful for all of their service. If tipping is within your budget this year, a handwritten note of thanks along with a cash gift means so much!

Consider Giving a Holiday TIP To:

  • Housekeeper: Up to one or two week’s pay plus a small gift. Split between team if you use a cleaning company.
  • Nanny or caregiver: Up to one or two week’s pay plus a small gift.
  • Day care workers and adult caregivers $25-75 per person for anyone who works with your family member.
  • Regular babysitter: Up to one night’s pay. 
  • Hair stylists, nail technicians, and estheticians: Up to the cost of one service.
  • Dog groomers and walkers: Up to the cost of one service.
  • Doormen or country club staff who help you regularly: $50-100.
  • Landscape service: $15-30 per person. 
  • Trash collector: $15-30 per person.
  • Regular handyman: $20-50.
  • Dog walker: Up to one week’s pay.
  • Pet groomer: Up to the cost of one service. 
  • Personal trainer: Up to one week’s pay.
  • Pool cleaner: Up to the cost of one service.
  • Newspaper carrier: $10-20.

Consider Giving a Holiday GIFT To:

  • Coaches: Small gift or gift card, or consider organizing a team gift. 
  • Therapists: Small gift. 
  • USPS: Small gift under $20.
  • Home health or nursing home employees: Check with the agency as most prohibit cash gifts. If so, a small gift is appreciated. 
  • Doctor’s office: Send cookies or food (lots of ideas here) to the staff of an office you visit regularly. 
  • UPS and FedEx carriers: Small gift for regular delivery driver. Otherwise, leave out snacks or food one day or week. See example below! 

We created a handy holiday tipping graphic below (pin or save it to remember it!) with suggested tipping amounts and when it’s appropriate just to give a gift.

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