{Non-Cheesy} Gift Card Tree for Teachers!

{Non-Cheesy} Gift Card Tree for Teachers!


I love the idea of a gift card tree for a class teacher gift but I wanted to make one that was a little more elevated and thoughtful. Showing how I did it in today’s post!

Instead of clipping the gift cards straight to the tree, opt for envelopes for a more cohesive look. These coin sized envelopes are available in a wide array of colors. Just clip them to the tree with mini clothespins. To add a special touch ,ask students in the class to tell you one adjective that describes their teacher best. It’s fun to see what they come up with!

When choosing a plant, make sure you choose one that is a bit sturdier so it can hold the weight of the gift cards without wilting over. I used a jasmine plant and repurposed a pot I already had. Or find some inexpensive pots at Target, Home Goods, or Ikea. Sometimes the plants come in a cute pot already so may not be needed!

Need gift card ideas? NordstromChick Fil A and
Starbucks as are iTunesUberTop Golf, and AMC. This post has some more great ideas.

Source: Chinoiserie Pot




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