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DoSayGive’s Classic Children’s Summer Book Club is Here!

Classic Children's Books

Hooray! Registration for DoSayGive’s Classic Children’s Summer Book Club is open!

Each summer I am amazed at the popularity of this little book club of ours. It makes me realize that moms are craving two things:  A low key summer with their children that’s still enriching and fun and insight into how to select great books that their children will love.

With many of us looking for more activities to do at home this summer, and others looking to rekindle the love of learning after a stressful homeschool experience, the summer book club might be the perfect thing for your family this summer! 

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Why classic books?

Much like we choose the healthiest foods for our children’s bodies, I believe most parents also want to put the best of the best in their children’s minds. Many of the classic books we are sharing in DoSayGive’s Classic Children’s Summer Book Club emphasize good, lovely, noble, and virtuous storylines and are also full of rich language and beautiful illustrations. 

Sadly, many of these wonderful books are missing from school libraries and big box book store shelves so we are excited to spotlight them this summer. We also included some newer books with the same high standards of some of the classics.

Overall, this series will give you a foundation for choosing better books, whether old or new. 

What is unique about this book club?

1. It’s enriching.

The books we have selected will broaden your child’s view of the world. Paired with the (simple) coordinating activities we will share each week, children will learn history and art, explore nature, and gain perspective. They will grow their vocabulary and language through exposure to quality text.

2. It’s relational

Sharing books with your children or grandchildren is one of the most important and precious ways to spend your time. Your family will find particular favorites that are the books you read over and over again and become a part of your family culture. And you will create special family memories this summer (without spending a lot of money!).

3. It’s fun!

This summer many of us may not be able to do all the normal summer outings that normally mark out summers. Trips to the zoo, vacations to faraway places, even using the library may look different. What a gift this time will be to pace yourself with the things you enjoy sharing with your child. We hope that these books and activities will be catalysts that give your children lots of screen-free adventures in your own home and backyard.
Good books spark the imagination of a child. Unstructured play is so important in childhood and I’ve found when my children have wonderful stories their head their imaginations soar. 

What ages is this for?

We believe the book club should be a family experience! Each week we have suggestions for picture books, early reader books and chapter books all within the same theme. So children and grandchildren ages 2 – 10 are perfect for this club. There will be activities for one year old siblings but the majority of the activities are for ages 2 and up! 

What is different about the book club this year?

The Books

Whereas last year we tried to find a list of books broad enough for us all to share from the library, this year many people won’t have libraries yet open. So we have made sure that all books are available on online. To make it easy, in our membership site there is a “Resource” tab where you can find links to all the different places you can find these wonderful books. When looking at Book Club for this summer we hoped we could find books that your family could enjoy and would be the springboard for sweet time together.

Are the books different that in past years? 

Yes! While there are a handful of past favorites included, the majority of the books are new to the club this summer. We believe reading books multiple times is a good thing so we have included a separate “further reading” section with books from years past that fall within that week’s theme. 

The Activities

The activities are tailored to this current climate where people are looking for things to do at home. Each week we will suggest FIVE simple and enriching activities that tie into the books including:

  • An outside activity that encourages a love of nature
  • An art activity based on a classic piece of art
  • A cooking activity for the whole family to enjoy
  • A simple craft
  • A building and constructing activity to foster imagination

We hope that these books and activities will give you some structure for those long, hot days of summer, whether you do all the activities or just one a week.

The best part of the book club: All the work to find sweet books and activities is done for you!

Last year we taught moms how to make watercolors an easy activity to take on any trip to the park…

What if I can’t read every week or every book? 

The book club is what you make of it. If you can only participate certain weeks, that’s great! If you only read one picture book a week, that’s fine, too. (Actually, reading the same book over and over is a good thing for children!) Perhaps you only want to participate the week your grandchildren are staying with you. This is LOW KEY and participation is as little or as much as you want. And you will have the book list and downloads to keep so you can draw from them throughout the year and for years to come.

How We Are Giving Back!

This year we are excited to give a portion of every book club sale ($5) to the North Texas Food Bank. For every book club purchased, we will donate the equivalent of 15 meals to this amazing organization that helps supply food banks across the North Texas area. The needs are great right now and we are excited to give back this way. 

How do I sign up?

Sign up at this link.

When you purchase membership into the book club you will instantly receive a link to download the master book list, divided by week, so you can start gathering the books. You will also gain access to the membership site with more reading resources and private Facebook group.

The book club begins June 7 but families are welcome to join at any point during the summer! The weekly reading plans and activity guides are yours to keep forever and if you join in after June 7, I’d encourage you to jump in where we are are go back and do the first weeks at the end of the book club. 

Gift a Membership to the Summer Book Club! 

New this year: You can now gift a membership to the summer book club! What a fun experience gift for families to enjoy together this summer. Click here to order! 

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I look forward to reading with you this summer!

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    We did the summer book club last year and enjoyed it so much! Is this year’s book list different from last year’s?

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