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Children’s Books about Courage

Classic Children's Books

childrens books about courage

Yesterday my ten year old daughter and I compiled a list of classic children’s books about courage and perseverance that are so needed right now (especially since children will now have ample time to read!). She was so excited to help me with this project. We both hope that it will inspire and encourage your children during these uncertain times. 

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One of the many reasons I share my love for classic children’s books is because it’s an easy way to take children out of our comfortable 21st century and broaden their perspectives. I want my children to read stories with characters who are brave, who persevere, who have character or grow in character. Classic children’s literature is full of these themes! 

Below is a list of books with themes of courage and perseverance. These are books you can read aloud or they can read. But I highly recommend reading to them as that is such a wonderful way to spend time and engage with our children. Some of the best conversations we have as a family comes after we read together. 

Tip: I wouldn’t tell your children you are reading or giving them these books because you want them to be courageous in these hard times. Let them draw these conclusions on their own.

Picture Books/Readers

Brave Irene

Thunder Cake

Blaze and the Forest Fire

Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot

Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie

Boxes for Katje

Sam the Minuteman

George the Drummer Boy

The Bears on Hemlock Mountain


Chapter Books

These books can be read aloud starting around age 5  but depends on maturity level. Click to see Amazon’s age recommendations for children’s reading levels.


The Courage of Sarah Noble (good for early readers)

Phoebe the Spy (good for early readers)

Little House on the Prairie

A Lion to Guard Us

Tolliver’s Secret

Call it Courage

The Black Stallion

Childhood of Famous American series (many great ones!)

Of Courage Undaunted

North to Freedom

Twenty and Ten

Dog Jack

Number the Stars

Winged Watchmen

Across Five Aprils

Don’t forget to download our Top 100 Classic Book List that has so many wonderful picture and chapter books! It is also a great gift to send to grandchildren along with some books!





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