Spring and Easter Books for Children!

Friday Focus: Wonderful Spring and Easter Books for Children!

Classic Children's Books


If you go to Barnes and Noble or search “children’s Easter books” on Amazon today, the majority of the books you will see are just, well, subpar. But if you dig a little deeper, you can find some wonderful, enriching books that children won’t be bored with after five seconds. Books with beautiful and quality illustrations that will keep their attention year after year.

It makes me sad when people fall into the trap of thinking that children will only enjoy books with characters they knows about (Dora’s Easter Surprise or Thomas the Trains’ Easter Eggpress, anyone?). I am not against these books. But just want us to have higher standards for children and not deprive them of the treasured stories that have brought joy to so many generations of children.

I’ve written about my love of quality children’s books before, but good books are like good friends (and I am sure I am accidentally quoting someone with that!). But they are. Children can make lifelong memories with good books. Don’t you hold dear the books you read as a child? So make sure you aren’t surrounding children with the watered-down, mass-marketed stuff. Instead, give them books that will entertain, challenge, amuse, and intrigue.

Today I’ve selected some great books to have in your homes this Spring or give to the children in your life (great Spring birthday presents!). Many of these are considered classics, but there are a few newer ones we love, too. Any of these would be great additions to Easter baskets!

I have written little descriptions of each one, but please comment below if you have any questions or suggestions of your own! I am sure I have forgotten to include some good ones! Click on photo for direct Amazon link.



Hope you enjoyed my Spring and Easter Books for Children. Happy Reading!








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18 thoughts on “Friday Focus: Wonderful Spring and Easter Books for Children!

  1. Such a great list!! I like to put a book in the Easter basket but it is hard to find quality ones. This was perfect for me!! Saved me the time to research it myself. Thanks!! Happy Easter:) xoxo

    1. Oh so glad to help! It makes me so happy when I receive comments like this – love to help people find good gifts (and save time!)

  2. For 4 years old and up I highly recommend The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo. One of the most beautiful books I have ever read- and about a bunny

    1. Okay great! I love “Great Joy” of hers. Didn’t know about this one! Will add it to my Amazon wish list! Thanks!

  3. Love, love, love most of these books! The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes was one my mom used to read to me and I love having it at our house. Priceless memories in so many classics.

  4. Hi Lee! I LOVE this list of book suggestions! I ordered several of them and my boys absolutely adore them! I’m about to go through and “hide” a bunch of our junk books and order some more like these. I’d love some more good book ideas for year round if you’re looking for another post idea?

    Thank you so much. Really enjoying your new blog!

    1. Irene! Thank you! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me – I love giving people good book ideas. There are so many junky books out there – you really have to do some sifting to get to the good ones! Did you know I have a whole SHOP category with children’s books and descriptions? It’s a drop down menu on my homepage. SHOP/Children’s Gifts/Wonderful Children’s Books. Here are a few book categories I have:
      Board Books: https://www.dosaygive.com///shop/childrens-gifts/wonderful-childrens-books/classic-board-toddler-books-age-0-3/
      Picture Books: https://www.dosaygive.com///shop/childrens-gifts/wonderful-childrens-books/classic-picture-books/
      Read Aloud favorites: https://www.dosaygive.com///shop/childrens-gifts/wonderful-childrens-books/read-aloud-favorites/

      I also have boy and girl favorites, too. And I will probably do a summer-themed one, too. (I also did a Christmas one that I will start reposting in November.) Let me know if this helps!

      Irene, I am trying to get a wider audience. Would love it if you would share that book post on Facebook and tell your friends how much you enjoyed the books you bought! Thanks so much again and please keep the suggestions coming!

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  6. Keep this archived forever! Precious! I even ran across a book from my childhood I had completely forgot about (make way for ducklings) until I saw the cover ❤️ Love this post!