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Business Gifting Etiquette & Ideas


When it comes to business gifting, DoSayGive has you covered. Who to buy for, what to get – we have all the answers! 

Who should I buy gifts for?

It’s a good idea to give to loyal clients and customers, employees, and office staff (particularly smaller staffs or the team members that report directly to you) as a way to say thank you for their loyalty, business, and hard work. If you are giving year-end bonuses, a gift is not necessary but is still a kind gesture. We’ve linked lots of gifts that ship cross country and arrive beautifully packaged below!

What about co-worker gifts? 

It’s not always necessary to give your co-workers gifts, but it often depends on the company culture. So if you are new, ask around! Many offices host a Secret Santa exchange or, even better, adopt angels from an Angel Tree. 

Of course if there is a colleague with whom you’re particularly close, a small gift would be nice (see ideas below!). Don’t feel pressured to spend a certain amount of money, though. It’s the gesture that counts!

Should I give my boss a gift? 

It’s not necessary (or expected), and it some cases it might appear as though you are trying to earn favor. Sending a Christmas card is a nice gesture and a group gift from the entire staff is appropriate but, again, not necessary. 

There are caveats, particularly if you’ve know him or her for many years and have a close relationship. If you do choose to give a gift, any of the gifts for clients and customers below would also be appropriate. Just be discreet. 

We’ve rounded up some of my favorite business gifts this year below based on recipient. The great news is that most of these items can be shipped! So if you are working remotely, these can easily be sent to the recipient (just be sure to add a personalized gift message!). 

Gifts for Clients and Customers:

Louis Sherry Truffles
Famous truffles in a lovely keepsake tin!
Lafco Gift Set
A beautiful gift under $100.
Chocolate Covered Nuts
A great gift to send an office.
Petit Fours
A great gift under $30 and free shipping!

Jammit Jam Gift Basket
Jammit Jam has great gift baskets at every price point.
Snake River Farms Steaks
Steaks from this company is definitely a fabulous gift!
Yeti Cooler
This is sure to be a hit.
Popular gift on Amazon Prime!

Gifts for Employees/Staff:

Barefoot Dreams Blanket
Barefoot Dreams blankets are so popular! Free shipping!
Joy Creative Set
15% off with code DSG15.
Yeti Mug
An easy gift on Prime!
Nest Pura
A popular gift this year! Free shipping.

Gifts for Coworker Friends:

Nest Votive
Anyone would
Sugarfina Trio
On sale for under $25!
Hipster Cookie Mix
Something funny for your co-worrker!
Masking Minis
For the lady who deserves a little self care! Free shipping.

Group Office Staff Gifts:

Cheryl's Cookies
These come individually wrapped and are so yummy!
Sugarfina Sampler
Everyone gets their own cube of candy! On sale!
Peppermint Sticks
Pair with hot chocolate for the entire office!
Caramel Apples
This would definitely be a fun surprise.


You can find more gifts on our Business Gift Guide and Gourmet Gift Guide for everyone on your list! And I’d love to know what business gifting looks like for you now. Are you planning to give office gifts? Share in the comments below!

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