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Gift Exchange Gift Ideas!


Gift Exchange Party Ideas

Gathering with friends, family, or colleagues this holiday season? A holiday gift exchange always adds a lively touch to the mix, and certainly serves as a festive icebreaker. Today we are breaking down the different types of gift exchanges and giving you gift ideas for all of them – for both adults and children! 

First, let’s clear up some confusion around gift exchanges. We have readers all over the country and what we’ve realized is that what you call a Christmas gift swap party depends on where you live!

A Secret Santa is pretty self-explanatory. Draw names from a hat or use a website like and get a gift for the person whose name you draw.

A Yankee Swap — which many also call a White Elephant party — is when everyone brings a gift to party in a certain price range. Guests draw a number and that determines the order in which people open their gifts. Guests can choose to steal a gift from someone that opened a gift before them (and that person would pick a new gift). The host usually sets a limit for how many times someone can steal a gift (otherwise the party would go on forever!). 

Sometimes a White Elephant party can mean just a normal gift exchange party while other times the gift should be funny or something no one wants. Many people in the South also call this a Dirty Santa party. If unsure, clarify with the host!

And on top of that, many of these gift exchanges often have themes. We’ve listed some below along with some fabulous gift ideas!

Couples & Families Gift Exchange

Our favorite gifts that newlyweds, parents, children, and friends will all enjoy! Our Gift Guide for Couples and Families has even more great gift ideas. And don’t miss our review of the Cuisinart Plus! Pizza Oven which would be another great couples gift. Be sure to check it out for lots more ideas!

Homemade ice cream sundaes, coming right up!
For s'mores or warming up on camping trips!
Great for an active family or newlywed couple!
Family TableTopics for children and adults!

Girlfriend Gift Exchange

Only the best for your BFFs! Here’s what we think they’ll love — and we’re sharing lots more over on LTK, too. This could be at a Christmas coffee after carpool or a fun dinner at a restaurant. Just bring a gift that you know anyone would love to receive! Need a favorite things idea? Keep scrolling!

One of the most popular gifts this year!
Who wouldn't love to snag a NEST Holiday Candle?
Classic gold hoops are a great gift for any friend!
Give the gift of sweet dreams with this pillow mist!

Office Gift Exchange 

Great gifts for colleagues — both men and women! Check out our Under $30 Gift Guide and Stocking Stuffer Guide for lots of ideas for office exchanges, small gifts for office besties, and so much more.

A foam travel pillow for business travels!
A phone stand for their desk is so useful!
This game is under $10 and so much fun!
Pair this bottle opener with a festive 6-pack!

Class Gift Exchange

Is there anything sweeter than a classroom gift exchange? We certainly don’t think so! These gifts don’t have to cost much, but we can guarantee the ones below will delight any child! Our post on Classic Christmas Children’s Books is another great resource!

A sweet craft they can make over break!
Every child loves a Slinky!
A Giga Pet to cip onto their backpack!
A Christmas book they can read with family!

Ornament Gift Exchange

Always so much fun! These ornaments would make for a great gift idea for any of the gift exchanges listed here!

Love this cowgirl boot ornament!
Cute for a children's ornament exchange, too.
This basket of paperwhites is beautiful.
Gift one and keep two for yourself!

Funny Gift Exchange Ideas

If you’re hosting a gift exchange with close friends, why not add a little humor into the mix?! These ideas are so fun for White Elephant exchanges, too!

Even better paired with bottles of wine!
How fun are these cinnamon roll socks!?
For them to wear on Christmas Day!
So many laughs when they open this!

Favorite Things Gift Exchange

Click below to shop our finds for a Favorite Things party — all shared on the LTK app!



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