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5 Things I’m Loving (And Not Loving!) Lately


There are so many things running through my mind right now but as we head into the weekend here are five things I wanted to share, including recent purchases, reader emails and more!

1. My Latest Fall Decor Purchase

I’ve been using the same faux pumpkins for 7 or 8 years so was excited to add something new and of interest to my collection. I found these Natural Woven Pumpkins which come in different shapes and sizes. Added them to our Fall Favorites Guide, too! While ordering at Pottery Barn, I added this Harvest Spice candle to my cart. It’s in our Fall Candle post and it’s lovely. Even nicer is the packaging. You don’t even need to wrap this candle for a gift . The box is so cute so just add a ribbon and tag and, voilà, a festive fall gift!


2. Social Media and Teens (and it’s not good!)

Earlier this summer I considered getting Tik Tok for my teen but am SO glad I didn’t. Investigative reporters at the The Wall Street Journal showed How Tik Tok Serves Up Sex and Drug Videos to Minors. It’s quite disturbing so I hate to recommend reading it but at the same time it shows you how a teen’s browsing can quickly spiral into dark content.

And. no surprise here, but internal Facebook documents showed that Instagram is Toxic for Young Girls. Bottom line: the algorithm is not your teen’s “friend.”  

If there is one tip I hear again and again from moms of teens, it’s wait as long as possible on giving it to them and minimize it when they do with parental controls and time limits. If your daughter does have it, I highly recommend she watch the Social Media section in our Teen Girls Manners Course as it not only talks about safety but how not to fall into the comparison game on social media.


3. Two Messages I Received

“Because children grow up, we think a child’s purpose is to grow up. But a child’s purpose is to be a child.” Tom Stoppard

I recently received the kindest email from a mom who came across DoSayGive’s Instagram page and was so encouraged to find a place that echoed her hopes of keeping her children sweet and innocent for as long as possible. In a society that rushes children to grow up way too fast, it brings me such satisfaction to know that there are moms who value childhood and want to encourage that with books, toys and even clothing. 

I also received a message from a reader with a photo from a school “reader” one second grade girl brought home from school. It was dark and scary, so much so that the little girl looked up and told her mom that she probably shouldn’t be reading the book. Yikes! 

I am sure my readers get tired of hearing me say it but good books are one of the best ways I’ve found to keep children “little” and media (hello, YouTube Kids and Netflix) is one of the fastest ways to not.  Fill them with good stories of adventure, imagination, courage, and virtue and you will see it come out in their play. I have seen it with all of my children. 

If you ever need some good book recommendations you can search on our site. We also have our new library lists with seasonal picks books for preschool and early elementary aged children. 

4. Our Latest SHOP LTK Finds

There is so much fall outfit inspiration on DoSayGive’s Shop LTK page right now. Have you browsed lately? So many cute finds – more than you’ll find on our Instagram page! You can scroll for fall inspiration, children’s clothing finds, party dresses and more. Be sure you are following @dosaygive on the LTK app

5. J.Crew’s NEW Tween Section

If you’re like all other tween moms struggling to find things for your daughter, J.Crew has a new section that combines children’s and women’s clothing that shows in style but appropriate clothes. Might be helpful! And remember we also have a list of our favorite tween girl brands here

Happy Weekend!

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