Classic Library Book List for Preschoolers and Young Children

By Popular Demand! Library Book Lists for Preschoolers and Young Children!

Classic Children's Books
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Reading to our children is one of the best ways we can develop their brains. But when there are hundreds of books in the bookstore and library, how do you know which ones are worth your time? After many requests, we are excited to offer thematic book lists! Each library book list for preschoolers and young children also comes with a guide of enriching activities that incorporate music, art, nature and more! 
As a mother of four I’ve learned that children develop an appreciation for the things we, as parents and caregivers, share with them. That’s why I believe sharing quality books is important from a young age. And not just sharing, but filling children’s mind with good stories and beautiful illustrations. DoSayGive is known for putting good books into family bookshelves with our Classic Children’s Summer Book Club but now we are offering year round recommendations for your young children with both classic and new books!

What’s included in the lists?

Each download contains a themed book list (this month we kick off fall with books about Apples and Farms!) to take to the library or use to purchase quality books for your home. Plus, you get easy to execute activity ideas for home that incorporate the theme. 
Note: if you were in Our Fall Preschool Club, you already have many of these book suggestions although we have added many more to the list!
dosaygive library book list for preschoolers

What ages is this for?

Ages 2-5 but many of these new and classic pictures book selections are great for ages 5-7 to practice reading as well.  
Bonus: Some of the themed lists will have a few chapter book/read aloud suggestions so the entire family can get involved with the theme. (The Farm theme this month has the chapter book suggestions.)

What kind of books are on the library book list for preschoolers and young children?

This list combines many of our favorite classic picture books with new books of the same nature. To enhance learning about nature and the world around them, we’ve included both fiction and non-fiction books.


Can you tell me more about the activity ideas?  

When children make connections with what they are reading, it makes reading all the more exciting! That’s why these super simple activity ideas incorporate the theme of the book list. And they don’t require a lot of pre-planning either. They are things you can do at home or in the backyard (with materials you probably already have) that naturally incorporate learning into your child’s day. 
Some of the activity ideas include exposure to a classic work of art or poem,  simple cooking activities, crafts that strengthen children’s fine and gross motor skills, and activities that familiarize children with numeracy and phonics.. Many of the the things serve to spark play and imagination (and don’t need constant involvement).
Bottom line: these activities will enrich and engage your children’s minds without a screen!
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Is this a “homeschool” thing?

No! These themed lists are great for any young child! For children who are already in preschool and/or for parents are looking for a great way to add great books and enriching, screen-free activities to the days they are home. 
These lists are also great for caregivers, as they give specific activity ideas that stimulate your child’s brain while at home. Grandparents loving having good books at their homes and preschool teachers might love having a list of new books to pull from.
Note: many of the books and activities on this list were taken from our 2020 Preschool Enrichment Club, which was curated by former preschool teacher and language development specialist, Jessica Hendricks. So whether your child is in preschool or not, these books and activities will lay a foundation of the skills your child will need in school!
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Why aren’t there any activity worksheets?

Young children learn best through play. That’s why you won’t find a lot of printable activity sheets with our units, but you will find lots of ideas for sparking imaginations, movement and exploration!

How are these different than lists I can find on Pinterest? 

The books on this list have been curated so that they are the best of the best for your children – whether that’s the language, the illustrations, or the ways in which they introduce young children to counting and letters.
We take the qualities we love in classic book and apply them to all books. Plus, to help children make connections with what we are reading them (which helps children to like reading!) we’ve included activity ideas that incorporate the book’s theme. 
Our purpose in these lists is the same purpose as I had with my young children: to foster a love of books and learning from a young age which will set them up for success in school! 

How much are the lists?

So affordable! $6 per themed list- $10 for two! This month we have two themes – A is for Apples and Down on the Farm! On these lists you will find both new and classic picture books on each library book list for preschoolers. 

How do I purchase? 

You can purchase individually or the bundle for $10! They download immediately.

"A is for Apples"
Click here to download the "A is for Apples" book list and activity guide for $6!
"Down on the Farm"
Click here to download the "Down on the Farm" book list and activity guide for $6!
$10 Bundle
Click here to download a bundle of both the "A is for Apples" and "Down on the Farm" book list and activity guides.


We hope you enjoy these lists as much as we do and that your children reap all the benefits of you reading to them! Thank you for your support and please share with anyone who would love to know about a great library book list for preschoolers!


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3 thoughts on “By Popular Demand! Library Book Lists for Preschoolers and Young Children!

  1. Hi Lee,
    First, I cannot tell you how grateful I am for you and dosaygive! You have encouraged me in my thoughtfulness for gift giving and graciousness in responses for everyday situations as well as the more difficult ones. Also, Christmas used to feel much more stressful, but your gift guides and now the prep club have been invaluable to me!

    One suggestion I do have is to make your book lists for children free of charge. I know you put a lot of time and thought into them, but something doesn’t sit right with me to charge for a book list. Maybe the list that includes activities along with it could be the item that costs money? Just a suggestion! I know mamas want to try and give their children the best literature they are able to and a free book list might be beneficial to those on a tighter budget.
    I hope you and your family are enjoying autumn in Texas!

    1. Joanna,

      Thank you for your kind words and candid feedback! I always appreciate when DoSayGive readers take the time to give feedback and we always take it into consideration. I am sorry that this does not sit well with you but hopefully shedding a little more light onto this will help you understand why we charge for them.

      Since I started DoSayGive eight years ago I have loved getting good books into the hands of so many families. I agree that we should try to make our book suggestions free of charge as much as we can. That’s why if you click on the Children’s Books tab on our home page you find a plethora of book suggestions, lists, and posts all at no cost:

      And if you follow us on Instagram Stories we’ve provided lots of videos with free book suggestions in our highlights, too!

      But as you said, they are more than book lists. They are book-based activity lists that thoughtfully incorporate nature, art, music, crafts, and fine and gross motor skills within a particular theme. These lists are quite unique from most preschool book and activity lists and required a lot of research, editing and design work from our team. (DoSayGive currently employs six full and part time employees and contractors.) For these reasons, we cannot give them away for free and feel $6 is more than fair for the content created by our team. However, if you just want fall book recommendations, you can find many in this post:

      Thanks so much for your understanding and let me know if you would like to sample one of our book-based activity lists. Happy to send a code to you!

      Lee Cordon

  2. Thank you for showing me where to go! Those are wonderful lists! Grateful for all the classic book suggestions and for your reply. I apologize for not realizing they were already there!