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12 Items on Amazon That Spark A Child’s Imagination


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Children don’t need much to create fantastical, magical worlds — a bed sheet can create a tent in a far-off jungle, a stick from the backyard can help ward off pirates, and a few pillows can become a bridge. As we get into the dog days of summer I’ve been thinking about the things in our home that have really sparked my children’s summer imaginations and curiosity. Things that have encouraged outside play and backyard exploration. And they aren’t all toys, many are just items we’ve picked up through the years that I see them using again and again!

In today’s post we are sharing some VERY simple things on Amazon that help children discover the wonders of using their imagination. Especially in the summertime! From bubbles to bug catchers to watercolors, a whole world awaits them (both inside and outside)!

Little Kids Fubbles
So simple yet something we buy every summer because all ages enjoy!
Magnifier & Tweezers
Our magnifying glass has been used for treasure hunting, bug catching and science experiments!
Portable Bug House
Something I buy almost every summer as it encourages them to be outside and explore nature!
Portable Art Easel
We take this on road trips and to the park and spread out a blanket in the backyard to paint.

Washable Watercolors
My girls watercolor a lot during the summer - washable paint is a must!
Guest Check Pads
They use to play restaurant and store. So much fun~
Series Sketch Pad
Each of my girls has a sketchbook - we take to the art museum for sketching.
Colored Pencils
My children will often sketch out a magnatile house or fort they are about to build.

Classic Books
Nothing brings out a child's imagination like a good story. We try to read throughout the day.
Sidewalk Chalk
A summer no brainer!
Fine Motor and Sensory Toy
These are great for DIY sensory bins, science experiments, backyard exploration.
Lawn Sprinkler
A simple old fashioned sprinkler yield so much fun!

Many of these items are on our children’s gift guides along with other items like tents and costumes and play food more imagination-sparking toys. Click here to browse!

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