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What to Give the Person Who Has Everything!


One of the most frequent questions we receive during the holidays is what to give to someone who has everything. Or the person who seems to buy whatever they want for themselves, leaving those of us trying to buy them a gift scratching our heads. So today we wanted to share ideas for those notoriously tricky-to-buy-for people in our lives.

First and foremost, let’s go back to DoSayGive’s rules about gifting. It’s not about reciprocation. Don’t feel like you have to go out of your way (or budget) to match their gift or get them something really expensive in order to pass the “gift test.” It may sound old fashioned but it truly is the thought behind the gift that matters.

So what to you give the person who has everything. Here are six ways you can go about it:

1. Give them an experience or consumable gift.

Think beyond something that will collect dust and go with something that will be consumed or experienced. A Jeni’s Ice Cream subscription would be so fun or a class you can take together locally for quality time (floral design, cheese pairings, needleepoint). Masterclass has so many fantastic online classes depending on their interests, and even an unlimited subscription to watch all of their classes, too. We have an entire gift guide dedicated to Gourmet Gifts and a post all about experience gifts — in case you need even more inspiration! Something local from you area is always thoughtful!

The Sister's Market Oranges
Oranges from California in beautiful packaging!
Jeni's Ice Cream Pint Club
This would be especially fun for a family!
MasterClass Subscription
Such an amazing subscription!
Magazine or Newspaper Subscription
The gift that keeps giving all year long!

2. Make a donation to a cause that means a lot to them.

Making a charitable donation in someone’s name is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give, especially to someone who already has everything they could want. If they are passionate about animals, a donation to a local animal shelter would be wonderful. Or perhaps a donation to their alma mater, or a cause they champion throughout the year. We have many ideas for this in this post — How to Make a Donation in Someone’s Name. Pair with a small gift if you like (like a Pottery Barn dog ornament!) and a hand-written note, and you’re all set.

3. Give them something quirky and unexpected.

A quirky ornament? A cheeky coffee table book? A conversation starter to display in their home? These are all things someone who is hard to buy for would likely not purchase on their own — and all great gifts to make them laugh! Price doesn’t matter on these as it’s truly about the charm factor. Some ideas:

Dog Toboggan Wine Holder
Love this from Anthropologie!
Quirky ornamet
A fun ornament for something they love.
coffee table book
El Arroryo's Book of Signs!
Lele Sadoughi Blush Earmuffs
Luxury and so fun!

4. Give them something they need to refresh.

Usually it’s not recommended to repeat a gift but there are a few exceptions to this rule. Think along the lines of pajamas, slippers, or beauty items. These are all things we use daily! If he loved Ugg slippers a few years ago chances are his pair are in need of a refresh so perhaps give him in a new color. Below you’ll find some of the most popular gifts from this year’s Holiday Gift Guide that would make lovely and thoughtful gifts. 

LAKE Pajamas
She can never have too many of these! Or try their new cozy robe!
Eyeshadow Palette
Everyone loves a fun new palette to try.
UGG Slippers
For men and women!
Molton Brown Shower Set
Consumable and beautifully packaged!

5. Give them something for their grandchildren – or dog!

This might mean more than receiving a gift for themselves! Think about a stack of classic Christmas books to keep at their house for when grandchildren visit something for their beloved pet like a Barbour leash or travel spray. 

Neiman Marcus Dog Treats
Cutest dog treats with free shipping!
Dog Bowls
MacKenzie-Childs dog bowls!
Dog Pamper Kit
Dog pamper kit for travel.
Tartan Barbour Leash
Barbour leash!

6. Give them a really unique, fabulous gift from our Gift Guide!

Our Gift Guide includes so many great gift ideas that people don’t already have — our months of research ensures just that! This clock on our Men’s Gift Guide mimics an authentic WWII design, so it would be perfect for any history buff. And if you’re looking for a major wow gift for someone special, this bar set or match strike would definitely do the trick! Be sure to browse our entire gift guide so you don’t miss any fabulous gift ideas!

Field Bar
A wow gift for sure!
Match Strike
So many pretty colors!
Altimeter Clock
Conversation starter for an office desk!
Garment Bag
So fun and fabulous!

Shop our Men’s Gift Guide here, and our Women’s Gift Guide here. You’ll definitely find something for everyone on your list — even those who are hard to buy for!

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