How to Make a Donation in Someone's Name

How to Make a Donation in Someone’s Name


After a week full of sales and deals and searching for perfect gifts for loved ones, it’s time to focus on all of the wonderful organizations and companies that help others and give back on Giving Tuesday. This is such an important day for so many non-profits and organizations that work tirelessly to make our communities better, and it’s a fantastic way to shift our hearts’ focus from gifts to serving others. Truly what this season is all about! 

Today we are showing you how to make a donation in someone’s name or memory. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who has it all — this is it! 

Donating in Someone’s Name

This would be a memorable and thoughtful gift for anyone to receive, but certainly more so if someone is particularly hard to buy for. This is especially wonderful when you know someone well and can find a mission or organization that is near and dear to their hearts! Many times an organization will ask if you would like to make your donation in someone’s honor and send them a letter that you did. But smaller organizations don’t often have the resources so it’s okay to inform them of the donation. A simple card that reads something along these lines would be such a heartwarming surprise:

“I made a donation to [organization name] in your name — I know how much this means to you!”

“You inspired me to make a gift to [organization name] in your name this year. Merry Christmas!” 

Donating in Someone’s Memory

If a friend lost a family member this year, this would be a heartfelt, sincere way to honor them during the holidays. Often when we lose someone close to us, holidays can be difficult and it can be difficult to find the right gift for someone who is grieving. Consider donating to a favorite non-profit, organization, or school in someone’s memory and writing a handwritten note to share your heart behind your donation. Examples:

“I know how much [organization name] meant to [individual’s name], and I wanted to honor their memory this Christmas.”

“Thinking of you during this first Christmas season without [individual’s name]. To honor his memory we have made a donation in his name to [organization name].” 

Donating with Children

One of the most important things we can do is model a spirit of giving to our children. They’re paying close attention to everything we do, so while we have that attention it’s great to use it as a teaching opportunity. Involve them in choosing a charity to donate in a grandparent’s name. Maybe it’s to your city’s zoo that they visited with their grandparent once, or a local arts organization. Many non-profits (parks, arboretums, schools, etc.) have the ability to purchase a commemorative brick or bench. Or if you are donating in honor of a family with young children, this is great because children can visit and see their donation!

Donation Along with a Small Gift

Pair a donation to an art museum with a small gift from the museum gift shop or a collection of post cards featuring famous works of art. Donating to someone in campus ministry? Wrap up a new coffee mug or keychain with the school’s logo. Or a little pet ornament from our Pet Lovers Guide if donating to an animal shelter. 

To that end, we do not think it’s necessary to include the amount you donated unless you feel compelled to do so. It’s truly the thought and gesture that counts the most here. Again, a simple “In place of a gift, I made a gift to [organization name] in your name this year. Merry Christmas!” is just as meaningful without making mention of the donation amount.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to Giving Tuesday! Let us know of any organizations below that are close to your heart that would benefit from giving today.

And you can read some of our favorite Dallas organizations here. The DoSayGive community is so special and giving — with true hearts of service and gratitude! 

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