Fun Valentine's Gifts for Teachers (and Friends!)

Fun Valentine’s Gifts for Teachers (and Friends!)


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A reader emailed me last week asking if I had any ideas for a little gift she can give to her child’s teacher for Valentine’s Day. Well, she is in luck (and so are you!) because I’m rounding up so super sweet (and easy!) Valentine’s gifts for teachers! Many of these are great for friends and older daughters, too!

For teacher gifts, I like giving things that they will use or consume, and not a trinket that’s going to sit in a drawer for 20 years. But that’s just me!

Date Night Gift!

We all know teacher salaries are not what they should be. So consider treating your teacher by giving her/him something to help out a date night. Movie tickets and event tickets are great, as are restaurant gift certificates, a lot of which you can buy on Amazon which makes it so easy. 

During the holidays I bought two movie passes from a Boy Scout but then I totally lost them until now. So thought it would be fun to build a little gift around them.

I found this darling popcorn tin in the Target Dollar aisle (similar ones here) and thought it would be a fun presentation for the two passes. popcorn gift, movie gift,

To make: I cut a 18 x 18″ section of clear plastic wrap and put some Target brand flavored popcorn in it (or you could buy some gourmet popcorn from one of those cute places!). Then tied it up with the pink bakers twine (also from the dollar aisle!) and a white tag. I then stuffed the popcorn bag into pink popcorn tins and taped the movie passes on the outside.

Nail Polish Gift!

The cards, twine, and shredded paper all came from Target's dollar aisle!

What teacher wouldn’t want some nice nail polish? You can get a bottle of Essie for under $10 with free shipping, If you want to spend more, a bottle of pretty pink YSL is sure to please! You can print a super cheesy printable tag (i.e. “You are “Toe-tally Awesome”) on Pinterest, but if you think your child’s teacher has had enough of the cutesy phrases, just write out a simple tag. Another idea: pair with a gift certificate for a manicure! (If you do this, think about getting it a place closer to her home, and not the school.)

Macaroon Box!

macaroon box

One of my first posts was how to make an appealing box of macaroons for a gift. Most grocery stores have macaroons so this is something you can do last minute. If you have a box, tissue, paper, and pretty ribbon you can make this in a cinch!

Personalized Acrylic Clipboard or Keychain


Everybody loves a personalized gift! Well Bowed has the cutest and most affordable gifts for teachers, friends, and children.


 Popcorn Tin // Clear Wrap // Ribbon // Tags

(Shredded Paper, Pink Twine, pink tags, and Pink Popcorn Tin found in Target dollar aisle)

Top Two Photos: Stephanie Drenka


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5 thoughts on “Fun Valentine’s Gifts for Teachers (and Friends!)

  1. I’m a teacher, and my favorite items are cute accessories tat I would never buy myself like a monogrammed Tervis, S’well bottle, Big O key ring, monogrammed notes, Vera Bradley anything, or a nice pen. Some of my favorites was a Vera Bradley wallet and a 31 tote bag. I also love gift cards to restaurants, local car wash, home decor stores or Pittery Barn, movie theater, Sonic, and bookstores. Most teachers do not need homemade food items, lotion, bath products, perfumes, or candles. We get a to and often don’t like certain fragrances.

    1. Thank you so much! I think I had most of those things in my Teacher Gift Guide at Christmas and will remember all these great tips at the end of the year! Good point about the fragrances!!