DIY Beautiful Macaroon Gift!

Macaroons – Oui! Oui!



One of the things I love is bringing an unexpected treat to a friend…

I love macaroons. I have always loved macaroons, even before they were au populaire. There used to be a grocery store in Memphis that had the BEST chocolate covered macaroons and my grandmother would get a box full of their deliciousness every time we came for a visit. Ever since they have held a special place in my heart.

Now most people don’t have access to a LADURÉE (the luxurious bakery where all the fashionistas order gifts for their friends and colleagues), but thankfully most cities do have a bakery that sells these perfect little pastel delicacies. They just need a little “dressing up.”


I picked these macaroons on my way to see a friend who just had her third baby. I didn’t have a baby gift yet, and didn’t want to show up empty handed. I bought equal numbers of each color and made sure to measure my box beforehand to know how many I would need!


I was short on time so had to put this little gift together in the back of my car. (Thankfully I always keep ribbon, tape, and scissors in my console!)


Of course, my friend raved about this little box of happiness. (She was so excited I think she hid them from her husband!).

Quick and easy gift: Voilà!

Happy Giving!






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Source: Macaroons from Central Market in Texas, Box from Michael’s. 

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