Two Tech Gifts your Guy Will Love this Holiday Season

Two Tech Gifts Your Guy Will Love this Christmas



Earlier this week I launched DoSayGive’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide that included so many great ideas for the men in your life. Today I am partnering with Nordstrom to share two men’s tech gifts on the guide that are going to be super popular this year: one my husband has and one that’s on his Christmas wishlist.

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First, I want to tell you why I like shopping men’s gifts at Nordstrom, particularly tech gifts. First, they have many of the top tech gifts each year  – if they are carrying it, it means your guy, teen, college student will probably like it.

Second, it’s easy to shop online with free shipping. And if, for some reason, the recipient doesn’t like the gift it is so easy to return both online and in store (unlike some stores that will go unmentioned!).

Third, their prices are competitive with other retailers. While browsing on their website, you might see a little “price matching” tag under an item temporarily marked down online to remind you. And, if you find a lower price, they will price match. If shopping online just call the 800-number or use the Help messenger on their website.

So I mentioned a few months ago that my husband dealt with all the stress of this summer (wife in hospital, baby in NICU, etc. ) by stepping up his exercise game. Well since that post – y’all, I don’t know what’s come over him – but he has started this new army bootcamp type, men’s only workout called F3. It sounds like pure torture to me with things like bear-crawling backwards up five flights of parking garages. But he loves it. Deep down I think that living in a house of FIVE girls now he needs something super masculine and testosterone-building to counter all the constant girl hormones in our house!

fitbitnordstrom men's clothes

So now that he’s all into his health and these intense workouts, he really wanted the new FitBit Iconic, available at Nordstrom. He’s never had a smart watch and was never really interested in one until this particular one came out.

And, y’all, he’s obsessed. I asked him to leave it home one day so I could photograph it all cute with gift wrapping with this post and he just couldn’t take it off! Just take a photo of the empty box, he said.

So why is he so enamored with this FitBIt Iconic? These are his words:

  • It motivates you to exercise because it rewards you for reaching your goals on a daily basis. And I like that it congratulates you at the end of the day – so you get satisfaction for reaching your goals.


  • It’s nice to be able to see exact progress or history with workouts, weight loss, even sleep cycles. If you are really into it, you can record everything you eat each day and compare to the number of calories you are burning.


  • You can connect with Friends who have FitBits (even older models) and compete on various things: who does the most steps, how far you’ve traveled that day. I do that with a guy I work with and it’s fun.


  • It will give you alerts for texts and calls. You can’t respond to the texts (which is almost better) but you can read them. So if it’s nothing urgent you can ignore and focus on what you are doing.


  • The Fitbit has a “Coach” feature where it will actually produce a guided workout for you.


  • It has Bluetooth music. You put a desktop app on your computer and drag music to it. Or you can pause and resume music playing on your phone. You can even download your favorite Pandora stations and podcasts straight to watch.

Those are just some of the many features of this FitBit Iconic. P.S. We got my mom a FitbIt last Christmas and she loves  it, too. This thin Fitbit would be a great gift for a mom, too.

And real quick the other tech gift that my husband really wants this Christmas are these Bose Bluetooth ear pods.  (If you were watching my Instastories Live last night that’s what he was joking about.) Anyway, these cool ear pods just came out last month – no wires, completely Bluetooth and that reliable and crisp Bose sound. Anyone that listens to music, podcasts would love to receive these.

Be sure to check out all of Nordstrom’s great men’s gifts this holiday season! P.S. The workout gear my husband is wearing in this post (linked below) and this Nike running shirt linked in my Men’s Gift Guide would be a fantastic men’s gift as well.

Thank you so much to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. And thank you to my husband for sharing your opinions with us!



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