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The Cutest ‘Day at the Seashore’ Accessories!

Classic Children's Books

Whether you are going on spring break or looking forward to summer, our latest Classic Book Inspiration on Instagram has some fun finds for the beach and pool. My mom told me yesterday that so many of the swim things at Target were already selling out so wanted to give you a heads up as you prepare for summer.

Click on the product in the collage to shop and more finds linked below!

P.S. I love giving a few Little Golden Books for children’s birthday party gifts (or favors!). It can be such an inexpensive but lovely gift for a child. The A Day at the Seashore book would also be so cute for a spring or summer birthday in a beach bucket along with other beach toys. I love getting creative with summer birthday giffts. 

Speaking of the seashore, here are some of our favorite beach accessories right now:

Beach Umbrellas and Tents:

Love this beach tent!
20% off right now!
Pink stripes, so fun!
On sale at Target!

Beach Chairs

So cute for the beach and on sale!
Under 30!
Cute for children - matching adults available!
Beach loungers for kids!

Cutest Towels

Also comes in red!
20% off!
$12 and comes in 4 colors!
$6 and so cute for littles!

Fun Pool Toys

So cute for your strong swimmer!
Target has the cutest pool toys right now!
Favorite diving set!
Cute summer birthday gift too!

Festive Picnic Baskets and Bags!

On our hostess gift guide!
Cute for a gift filled with goodies!
Lots of colors!
Perfect for a picnic!

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