The Coolest Gift I've Ever Given My Husband

The Coolest Gift I’ve Ever Given My Husband


Every once in awhile I get a chance to share a gift that I gave to a loved one. Today I am sharing the Bose sunglasses I gave my husband for Valentine’s Day and that he says is one of his favorite gifts I’ve ever given him! And I agree because I keep borrowing them for myself!

QVC has compensated me for this post. All opinions are my own! 

 Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical about sunglasses that have bluetooth speakers built inside. But, then again, I know that any product Bose puts out is of excellent quality. We have so many Bose products on DoSayGive’s gift guides for that reason.

So I was excited to let my husband try out Bose’s new sunglass line available at QVC. The gift had ulterior motives, though. I wanted him to see if the glasses were worthy to put on DoSayGive’s gift guide. And, let me tell you, they are!

So what’s so great about these bluetooth sunglasses? Well, the person wearing the sunglasses hears audio through them – but no one around them does. Y’all, it’s crazy! When my husband wears them I can press my cheek up to his and still not hear what’s coming out of the tiny built-in speakers. Mind boggling!

For someone like my husband who is constantly on the road (and on the phone) these sunglasses were the perfect gift. He has ear buds, but the sunglasses allow him to drive without his earbuds in all the time and still be able to take and make calls. The sound quality on both ends is top notch.

QVC offers two unisex sunglass styles: my husband has the Alto but there is also the rounder style called Rondo. I like the Alto shape on myself and wear them on weekend walks by myself.

The glasses are non-polarized, but block up to 99% of UVA and UVB rays. They would make such a great gift for someone that has everything and especially for someone that doesn’t like to wear ear buds.

P.S. Downloading the Bose app (which is necessary to connect to bluetooth) was so easy. My husband had the sunglasses set up in less than five minutes.

Find them on our Gift Guide for Men anytime this spring!

Photos: Audrie Dollins


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