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Timeless Toys are the Best Toys: A Roundup of our Favorites!


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It’s no secret that we love timeless toys here at DoSayGive. Not only do they stand the test of time, but they can be passed down from sibling to sibling and played with for years. I know that some of my girls’ favorite toys are the ones that have been loved by each of them at some point! So today I want to share some of our favorite classic toys for boys and girls that would make for wonderful Christmas gifts.

Before we get to the toys I wanted to remind you we will have timeless toys gift guide on our Holiday Gift Guide (launching November 2 to email subscribers!) and have posts dedicated to our favorite dolls, dollhouses and play kitchens. I encourage you to give those a look to make the best decision for your children. Many of the toys are timeless and sure to be at the center of many childhood memories! 

And remember: timeless toys do not have to be expensive. Quality and craftsmanship come at all price points, so we’ve made sure to include toys that are under $20 as well as ones that are more of an investment. 

Building Toys: 

A stacking rainbow.
Very similar to the Grimm's toys. Looks so cute in a playroom, too!
Lovery Box
Such an amazing toy that includes blocks and push/pull toy.
Rainbow Stacking Blocks
These rainbow blocks are great and always sell out early in season.
Letter Blocks
Letter blocks are so classic!

Toddler Toys: 

Luggy basket
From a newer company but sure to be a classic!
Cozy Coupe!
So classic!
Stacking Rings
Stacking toys are timeless!
Melssa & Doug Set
Toddlers love to clean! And all children will enjoy.

Food Toys: 

Sliced Food
Great for fine motor skills!
Slice and Bake Cookies!
These will last forever!
Shape Cupcakes
Learn shapes and colors with these!
Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart
Years of pretend play with this one.

Pretend Toys: 

Fireman Outfit
So cute paired with the Little Fire Engine book!
Puppet Theater
Melissa & Doug have great hand puppets.
Astronaut helmet
Children love things like this in their dress up bin!
Sword & Shield
This company is great for dress up clothes!

Ride-On and Push Toys: 

Classic Walker
Years of play with this one!
Classic Trike
So cute for littles!
Classic Fire Engine
Such a cute ride on toy.
Classic Rocking Horse
Fun for a playroom!

Collectible Toys: 

Brio Train
Add on each year!
Schleich animals
Cute for stockings!
Hess Collectibles
Trucks and Airplanes!
Bruder Trucks
You can get at Target

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