Summer Camp Favorites!

Summer Camp Favorites!

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Our Summer Camp Favorites Guide is here! While each camp may have their own unique packing lists, there’s a handful of items that are helpful at any camp. If your son or daughter is going to summer camp this year, be sure to browse our tried and true camp favorites as well as some fun products for camp!

Bunk Organizer for Camp

One of my go-to spots for all things camp organization and personalization is Camp Swag! They carry everything your camper could possibly need for their cabin and bunk, plus great options for toiletries and more. We love the bunk organizer and the Crazy Creek chair and darling shower caddies. Click here to see all of Camp Swag’s cute things for camp!

Personalized Shower Caddy



When it comes to packing, the key is to make everything accessible to your child once you are gone. If your child is going to camp for 1-2 weeks and clothes will not be laundered, I have found that using Ziploc bags to sort each day’s clothes is the easiest way to do this, plus it is a major space saver. My daughter really appreciated the ease of this system. I also put an extra basket we had in the trunk to help keep things organized.

A shower caddy might be handy for helping your child identify his or her toiletries in the bathroom and easily keeping them organized in one place. This one is already made for you or you can DIY it with monogram or name decals! And don’t miss the Camp Swag decals, either!

A laundry bag is another essential because not only will they have an easy spot for dirty clothes, but it gives them a place to put clothes that they can’t fit back in their trunk when they are packing to come home. 

20 Color Options!
Kangaroo Cases
Under $100!
Plastic Trunk
Laundry Bag
Shower Caddy
Ziploc Travel Bags
Bunk Organizer


The secret when it comes to clothes is to make sure you don’t pack your child’s favorite outfit or pricey items because they can get lost or ruined easily, especially among the other campers’ clothes. We stock up on inexpensive items for camp! 

Don’t forget a raincoat! Especially in the earlier Summer months, rain can roll in quickly and you want your child to be prepared!

Girls' Athletic Shorts
Rain Jacket
Boys' Shorts
One Piece Swimsuit


No need to pack a lot of shoes. I would argue that your child only needs three pairs of shoes: A pair of tennis shoes that are okay to get dirty or wet, water shoes to wear to the lake or pool, and cheap flip flops to wear in the shower. Chacos are definitely the most popular water shoe, but are pricey. If you are looking to spend less money, these Native shoes function well as water shoes for both girls and boys.

Flip Flops


Bringing the typical toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are important, but make sure not to forget sunscreen and bug spray. Pack you children both of these and make sure they know where it is in their trunk or suitcase. 

Another item not to splurge on? Towels! These are under $10 at Target and come in several cute colors! A personalized toothbrush case might be good to keep your child’s tooth brush from getting lost!

Toothbrush Holder
Shower Caddy
Personalized Towel

Personalized Stationery for Kids and Teens


Joy Creative Camp Stationery
Joy Creative Camp Stationery Set
Boys' Camp Stationery Cards
Fill-In-The-Blank Camp Cards

Extra Essentials

Some packing lists may include these, but others may not. It is absolutely essential to pack your child a water bottle that they can refill at each meal. This personalized wide mouth bottle is a great one as well. Staying hydrated will help keep them healthy and allow them to enjoy their camp experience to the fullest!

A clipboard and stationery are fun items to include to help make it easier for your child to write home! Joy Creative Shop is my go-to for stationery and now they have these fun camp sets. 


One thing you might want to include: A little gift for your child’s camp counselor or think about sending something during camp. They’ll appreciate it so much!

Monogrammed Clip Board
Portable Fan
Personalized Pillowcase
Waterproof Flashlight
Personalized Water Bottle
Monogram Decal
Personalized Labels
Eno Hammock
Nike Hat

As the school year comes to a close and your child starts to look forward to camp, we hope this post makes the packing process easier. Make sure to check out this post for care package inspiration! 

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