A Few of My Spring Wardrobe Essentials!

A Few of my Spring Wardrobe Essentials!


A few of my favorite things about springtime in Dallas are the bright blue skies, the gravitational pull my children have to be outside, the charming local restaurants with patio dining, and, of course, the Texas bluebonnets – the flowers on the side of the highway that beg for mothers to bring their children to dance amongst them. (So they can take pictures, of course)!.

A few of my favorite wardrobe pieces this Spring include neutral wedges, white eyelet tops, my new St. Anne’s Tote from Barrington Gifts’, and, of course, my girls in darling Florence Eiseman dresses.

Here are my top five wardrobe essentials right now:

1. Barrington Gifts’ St. Anne Tote for Spring

I have written before why I think a St. Anne’s Tote makes a lovely gift. I see these beautiful (and perfectly sized) totes all over Dallas. Because they are customized, I’m always seeing fun ideas for pattern/color combinations.

This past winter I loved my black and khaki herringbone pattern, but I wanted something fresh for Spring. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with my choice of the tangerine horizontal stripe!


I chose it because I wear a lot of navy in the spring and summer and thought tangerine would be a nice pop of color to go complement navy. (Also I think it would be a great addition to my summer uniform of my favorite jean shorts and a white t-shirt!).

I am not exaggerating, I receive compliments on this fabulous tote nearly every single day.


To see all their Spring colors and patterns, visit Barrington Gifts’ website. Oh and don’t forget to check out Barrington Gifts’ new monogram stripe collection. How adorable would either of these be for a Mother’s Day? (If you are a mom, forward this post to your husband immediately. He can buy a printable gift card to make it easy!)


2. Slouchy Pants

Okay, now tell me the honest truth. What do you think of the slouchy pant look? I decided to go out on a limb and try some because I was tired of wearing skinny jeans everyday and, hey, they looked so comfortable!


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worn these over the past few weeks. It’s fun to get creative with how to wear them – sometimes I wear them with flats and a t-shirt and blazer for a super casual look.


3. White Eyelet Tops

I just love white eyelet blouses. They add a little interest to otherwise plain outfits and they are feminine and summery.


I’m just sick that my J. Crew white eyelet top is already sold out, but there are some more darling ones on major sale.


4. Florence Eiseman Dresses 

I dress my younger two daughters in dresses probably five days out of the week. In my opinion, it’s just easier (especially when potty training!). They can run and jump and play, but still look like little girls.


I have written before of my love for Florence Eiseman clothing and dressing children like children. Well, this spring is no different. I am in love with this navy and white appliqué dress. (They also make an infant version with bloomers here).

Here are some more darling dresses for Florence Eiseman. Some of them on sale!



And speaking of essentials, I don’t think of summer without Florence Eiseman bathing suits coming to mind. If you want one, get it now, because they always sell out of a lot of sizes by the time summer actually gets here! (A bathing suit is a great gift from grandparents, too. Hint, hint…)



You can visit Florence Eiseman’s website directly to shop, too!

5. Wedge Sandals

And last, but not least, for Spring favorites: neutral wedge heels.


You see me wearing these wedges all the time because they are so comfortable! Even better they are only $69.95 + free shipping. Cute with a dress or slouchy pants!



What do you think of my Spring wardrobe essentials? What are some of yours? Comment below!






Barrington Gifts St. Anne’s Tote // $145 + $5 for monogram (takes 7-10 days to receive)

Slouchy Navy Pants // $98 but 25% off with code SHOPNOW

White Eyelet Top // Sold out at J. Crew but similar here

Nude Wedge Sandals // $69.95 w/ free shipping

Neely Phelan Jewelry Pearl Gumball Cuff // $35

Ray Ban New Wayfarer // $130 w/ free shipping

Florence Eiseman Navy Applque dress // $82 w/ free shipping. (Infant dress with bloomers here)

White Sandals // Marshall’s but see my entire list of children’s sandals here

 Photography: Megan Weaver

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  1. Cute Lee! I love your striped tote. I just jumped on the slouchy pant bandwagon too and love them! So comfortable!

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