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Simple School Lunch Ideas

Back to School

We are continuing back to school week on DoSayGive with some easy, healthy and delicious school lunch inspiration. Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom for the best resources for school lunches and a handy printable to make your trips to the grocery store easier.


I shared my favorite back to school products in this Back to School Favorites post, which included our favorite PB Kids Lunch Boxes and these handy Yumboxes. They nestle nicely in the PB Kids Lunch Boxes with my favorite slim ice packs.

I included other lunch accessories in this post, like this Lunchbots Stainless Steel Bento Box that is another great bento box option.

Another one of my go-tos are these Bento Boxes from Amazon which also fit (snugly) into PB Kids Lunchboxes. You can’t beat a pack of 4 for $13! These are definitely a more budget-friendly option, especially if you had multiple children you are packing lunches for. In this photo, I packed berries in a cupcake holder, but I love using these reusable silicone cupcake molds to keep the fruit separate.

I make sure send all of my girls with a ice water bottle. My older girls love these Hydroflask Waterbottles and I chose this Contigo Waterbottle for my 1st grader.

As for what to include in school lunches, I am not one for fancy, photo-worthy lunchboxes. I try to include a protein and fruits/veggies, but my girls don’t love deli meat so I have to get creative. I keep a list on our family bulletin board of lunchbox ideas to help me when I blank out about what to shop. (I do most of my grocery shopping online.) I made that list into a handy printable to keep school lunch ideas easy and fresh. Print or save to your phone!

Click here to download.

We have an entire Pinterest board for School Lunch Inspiration with much more creative options from people like 100 Days of Real Food (one of my go -to sources) and The Bakermama and don’t miss our Back to School board for all things school related!


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