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Road Trip Activity Ideas!

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Road Trip Activity Ideas for Kids

Summer and road trips go hand in hand, and if you have children you know you need ALL the snacks and activities to keep them entertained during long car rides (and even airplane trips). It might take a bit more planning before you hit the road, but having a few new toys or games to bring along for the ride will make all the difference — trust us! Today we’ve rounded up our go-to road trip activities plus some new favorites, plus some ways to keep it all organized. Shop our picks below!

Independent Entertainment:

Kids' Road Atlas
Busy Board
Magnetic Travel Playboard
Memory Game
Cube Twist Puzzle
Travel Tangram Puzzle
Rubik's Cube
Labyrinth Take Along

Arts & Crafts:

Personalized Clipboard
Travel Craft Case
Wikki Stix
Personalized Crayon Case
Etch A Sketch
LCD Writing Tablet
Doodle Board
Water Wow! Pads

Road Trip Activity Ideas


Puffy Stickers
Paint By Sticker Kit
Window Stickers
Make-A-Face Stickers

Family Games:

Travel Bingo Set
Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game
Take N' Play Hangman
Spot It! Card Game

Car Organization:

Backseat Car Organizer
Car Seat Organizer
Backseat Car Organizer
Kids' Travel Tray

Audiobooks are another great way to pass the time during long road trips. Many of our summer book club books are available on audiobook! If you haven’t joined yet, you can sign up here! We also have an entire post on great audiobooks for families

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