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Profiles in Refinement: Courtney Petit of Courtney Petit Design

Profiles in Refinement

We’re delighted to bring you another installment of Lovely and Gracious, profiling women who embody the DoSayGive ideals of grace and refinement. Today, we’re thrilled to continue with Courtney Petit, whose influence spans across design, preservation, and business. Based in Dallas, Texas, Courtney is owner of Courtney Petit Design, a mother of two and is Co-Chair of this year’s Preservation Park Cities Home Tour.

After a 25-year career with Goldman Sachs and JLL, Courtney recently embarked on a new chapter, launching Courtney Petit Design, seamlessly blending her passion for art history and architecture in Florence with her hands-on experience renovating homes in Chicago and Dallas. Courtney’s dedication to preserving historical spaces is evident in her work, seamlessly marrying preservation with interior design to create timeless and elegant spaces.

Recognized for her talents in publications like D Home and House Beautiful and on Homeworthy, Courtney also serves as co-chair of this year’s Preservation Park Cities Home Tour on May 10th. This year’s tour offers a glimpse into four unique residences, showcasing meticulous preservation efforts that blend original charm with modern elements while maintaining architectural integrity. See details below but, first, let’s talk to Courtney! 

Let’s talk to Courtney!

Courtney, who was your biggest influence to you when it comes to manners and grace? 

My grandmother and mother. They always had words of wisdom to share on manners – especially at the dinner table!

 What is the most underrated virtue?


Most treasured gift you’ve received?

My two girls are my greatest gift.

Do you have a signature gift?

I always gift something for the home – a candle (Trudon or Diptyque), a silver picture frame from St. Michael’s Women’s Exchange, a monogrammed blanket– something that will bring comfort and joy to the person in their home environment.

If you have ½ day to yourself what do you do?

Take a nap.

What manner do you wish people implemented more? 

Hand-written notes – thank you or simple correspondence letters. They bring me joy to write and receive.

What living person do you most admire?

I’ll always admire the working mom who is juggling a full schedule of children/family, a demanding career, nurturing friendships and donating her time to volunteer work. The one who can turn her lemons into lemonade and continue to persevere thru life’s adversities with dignity and grace. Those are my people.

When and where did you experience deep joy recently? 

Hearing my youngest daughter say she missed her older sister who is currently in college.

What do you call your beloved people? 

My peeps.

Do you have a nickname? 

Coco – when my little sister was not able to pronounce my name when she was little – that is what she called me. The nickname stuck and my nieces call me by that name today.

The Instagram account you share with friends. 

Preservation Park Cities. It’s an organization near and dear to me and shows all the beautiful architecture and work being done to preserve beautiful spaces in and around the Park Cities in Dallas.

Favorite fictional character in a book. 

I cannot tell a lie – I have not read a fictional book in such a long time – I don’t have one.

The vacation destination you would repeat. 

Probably all of them – I love to travel. But traveling to European cities brings me great joy – walking thru cities, exploring shops, restaurants, museums and people watching is one of my favorite things to do. I love immersing into different cultures, hearing different languages, watching different customs and ways of doing things. It recalibrates my perspective.

How do you close your letters? 

Depends who I am writing to – either ‘Love’ or ‘With much gratitude’…..

Using one word, how would your friends describe you.


One place you tell visitors to your city to go. 

Spend an afternoon in Highland Park Village shopping, eating and enjoying the outdoors. It’s the first self-contained shopping center built in the United States – it’s like shopping on Madison Avenue in New York City, amongst Mediterranean Spanish-style architecture with tree-covered pathways, just in Dallas!

The product you buy again and again.

Arnicare homeopathic gel – it helps children’s bumps and bruises heal quickly and my achy joints and muscles feel young again.

Thank you, Courtney!

You can follow Courtney on Instagram @courtneypetitdesign. The Preservation Park Cities Home Tour is May 10th from 10 am – 1 pm in the Park Cities area of Dallas, Texas. This event celebrates homes in the Park Cities that have been preserved or remodeled to keep the beautiful aesthetic of our neighborhoods. Read about the four exquisite homes and purchase tickets here

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