Get to Know Sally King McBride from The Letter Nest!

Sally King McBride from The Letter Nest

Profiles in Refinement

We are thrilled to introduce our new series, Profiles in Refinement, where we shine a spotlight on the extraordinary women who embody the essence of elegance and grace, echoing the very principles at the heart of DoSayGive. Our Proust-inspired questionnaire promises a delightful journey, offering quick yet meaningful insights into the lives of these remarkable individuals. Join us on this captivating journey as we celebrate the beauty of refinement and the power of inspiration found in every corner of the country.

Today, we’re delighted to present our interview with Sally King McBride, founder of The Letter Nest. You might recall encountering her exquisite creations in our Gift Guide. With a decade-long tenure at the Metropolitan Museum of Art under her belt, Sally embarked on her journey with The Letter Nest when her quest for a heartfelt baby gift left her wanting. Her bespoke watercolor artwork and stationery sets stand as testament to her unique vision, perfect for adorning a child’s room or presenting as a cherished keepsake. Nestled in New York, Sally’s creations have found homes across the globe, captivating hearts far and wide.

Let’s talk to Sally….

What is the biggest influence to you when it comes to manners and grace?

The decade I worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where there was a particular etiquette and process for every aspect of the job.

What is the most underrated virtue?


Most treasured gift you’ve received?

My engagement ring, my grandmother’s college art history slides, and my grandfather’s book of poetry inscribed, “to Sally, who graces.”

Do you have a signature gift?

I love this knotted white soap as a house gift, which looks like a little sculpture. 

If you have ½ day to yourself what do you do?

Sneak out to a movie

What manner do you wish people implemented more?

Handwritten thank-you notes!

When and where did you experience deep joy recently?

Playing Wordle on the couch with my family.

Do you have a nickname?

It’s a permanent one! “Sally” is a nickname for Sara.

The Instagram account you share with friends.

@whatisnewyork – mostly hilarious, often inspiring.

Favorite fictional character in a book.

Recently, Emma Starling from Unlikely Animals: A Novel,”by Annie Hartnett. Humorous, dutiful, a little bit lost, she’s moved back home to care for an aging family member (a topic I think deserves much more coverage).

The vacation destination you would repeat.

London or Paris.

How do you close your letters?

In my particular case, letters are always in watercolor;-)

Using one word, how would your friends describe you.


One place you tell visitors to your city to go.

The Met! And the Main Hall of Grand Central Station.

The product you buy again and again.

Chapstick and art supplies.

Thank you, Sally! Be sure to check out all of Sally’s work and gift ideas at The Letter Nest and on Instagram at @theletternest on Instagram.

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  1. Thank you for this beautiful and inspiring new serie! We love the idea of reading about inspiring women from all over the globe! We will hope you will one day feature France on your website.

    Congratulations to Sally! A great discovery.
    We are particularly fond of the Paris Alphabet!