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Our Favorite Christmas Gifts for Teachers!


Today, we’re talking all things teacher gifts! Teachers are deserving of every good gift there is — they spend countless hours teaching and loving children day in and day out, helping shape them and instilling a love of learning in our little ones. They are true angels on earth! 

While teachers always appreciate any gift given to them, we wanted to share some unique ideas with you today to make teachers feel special and known. If you have multiple children with multiple teachers to buy for, don’t worry! We have some easy gift ideas for you, too. The heart behind teacher gifts (and all gifts, really) is the sentiment. And what a wonderful opportunity to include your children in choosing a present for their teacher! There is something to teaching the art of gifting, and this is a perfect way to show them how to be thoughtful in selecting a gift for someone — especially someone they see every day of the week! 

Browse our Teacher Gift Guide here now!

These handy (and cute!) screen wipes from Well-Kept are the ultimate desk-ready gift for the new year — so useful and we have a discount code just for you! Use code DOSAYGIVE20 for 20% off site wide at Well Kept! They also have on the go packs which are great to break up and combine with a gift card! Use any extra for stocking stuffers. 

You can also also package it all together in a custom acrylic container from Well Bowed (only $22, below!), basket, or coffee mug. Add a bow and a gift tag, and you’re all set!

Joy Creative Shop is another teacher favorite and their notepads are perfect for teachers’ desks — 

And if you’re looking for a thoughtful class gift idea, check out the cute gifts at Sprinkled with Pink! Just fill with some of her favorite things or goodies she can enjoy over Christmas break.

We have many more gifts on our Teacher Gift Guide! Be sure to check it out today!

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