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Our Favorite Christmas Gifts for Teachers!


Today, we’re talking all things teacher gifts! Teachers are deserving of every good gift there is — they spend countless hours teaching and loving children day in and day out, helping shape them and instilling a love of learning in our little ones. They are true angels on earth! 

While teachers always appreciate any gift given to them, we wanted to share some unique ideas with you today to make teachers feel special and known. If you have multiple children with multiple teachers to buy for, don’t worry! We have some easy gift ideas for you, too. The heart behind teacher gifts (and all gifts, really) is the sentiment. And what a wonderful opportunity to include your children in choosing a present for their teacher! There is something to the art of gifting, and this is a perfect way to show them how to be thoughtful in selecting a gift for someone — especially someone they see every day of the week! 

Shop some of our favorite teacher gift ideas below, and be sure to browse our Teacher Gift Guide here for even more fun (and useful) ideas!

Gift cards are a no-brainer for teachers — Amazon, Target, and Nordstrom are always popular — and are so useful to them for both their classroom and personal use! The gift card holder that we designed with Tiny Expressions is the perfect way to make a gift card feel special. And it’s great to have on hand if you’re buying for multiple teachers, too! Each set comes with four gift card holders and envelopes. Tie the envelope up with a ribbon so it feels like a gift!

Consumable gifts are always a good option with teachers. A set of holiday paper plates and napkins is lovely and you can even tie on a food gift card! Caspari has so many pretty holiday plates – these are on Amazon! Also love these tartan dinner and dessert plates at Target. 

On that note, food gifts can be really thoughtful for teachers, especially ones with older children who will be home for the holidays.  You can go the homemade route with some kind of wonderful bread they can eat for breakfast. This Spiced Gingerbread Loaf from Joy + Oliver is adorable and cute for neighbors, too! Any gift looks special when it’s in a pretty container and tied with a pretty ribbon and tag!

Our Gourmet Gift Guide which so many wonderful things to send as far as yummy foods! A pie for a holiday meal or croissants from Williams-Sonoma that come ready to bake. Or consider a class gift where you cater in Christmas brunch or dinner for them so they don’t have to worry about cooking — this would certainly wow and bring so much joy! 

Want super easy? These Jammit Jam gift sets come with a Joy Creative tag and are under $20! 

Paper is another great consumable gift for teachers, both male and female. The notepads and cards on our men’s gift guides are a great gift and we have a code for 15% off. Use code DSG15 at checkout. 

This gingham vase from Lo Home would be so cute filled with gel pens, colorful Sharpies or a festive plant! Whether you have a first-year teacher or one who’s been teaching for decades, it’s a pretty addition to their classroom desk or bookshelf. DoSayGive readers get 15% off, too! Just use the code DSG15 at checkout and you’re all set.

We love the festive to-go coffee cups from reader favorite Natalie Chang! They come ready to gift, and would be so cute paired with a bag of locally roasted coffee beans or hot chocolate mix. 

For more Christmas gifts for teachers inspiration, take a look at our Teacher Gift Guide! And if you’re a teacher, let us know your favorite gifts to receive in the comments below!

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