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Meaningful Things to Do During Easter Week

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No more going through the motions of Easter nor checking the egg hunt/brunch/church boxes this year. Social distancing is making many of us consider what’s really important when celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. I’ve gathered some ideas for making the week leading up to Easter rich in meaning but simple in effort. All can be done at home. Maybe one of two of them will inspire and become traditions in years to come!

“He is not here, for He has risen, just as He said.” Matthew 28:6

One of the themes of our Motherhood Mentorship group has been showing moms how impactful it can be to fill their young children’s hearts and minds with truth – and that is something that we can do everyday, throughout the day because we have so much of their attention when they are young.

Well, now some of us have children of all ages at home and we can use this extended time to fill our homes with truth and love, particularly in these uncertain times. Whether you have children or not, I hope these ideas ere helpful: 

Read Scripture. What a wonderful week to read through an entire gospel and maybe watch one of the movies below. You could read 2-3 chapters of Mark each day leading up to Easter. We also love the Jesus Storybook Bible for children.

Memorize a Scripture passage – This is something our family is trying to do during our time at home. Psalm 91 is a good one for right now. 

Make a cross for your front door or front yard – Use branches/palm leaves/flowers you find in your backyard and put on your door or gift to neighbors. 

Make an Easter Garden – Using things from your backyard or neighborhood walks, make a garden with your children to share the story of the gospel. This post will show you symbolic things you can use. 

Worship with Music – Turn on your favorite worship music. Maybe learn a new hymn. Tomorrow I will have a post of all my favorite Spotify stations for adults and children. This post has some sweet music ideas for young children. 

Worship with Art – My older girls are using their sketchbooks to color a cross and journal their thoughts. Have children illustrate the Easter story after you read it to them. Or use sidewalk chalk to make colorful crosses on the sidewalk.

Photo from my friend Missy – use tape to make unique cross design!

Visit your church website – Our church has resources for nursery school, preschool and elementary aged children. Videos, printables, and more. Every weekday this our church has a short online service at noon. Everyone is welcome! 

Watch a Maundy Thursday Service online – Celebrate the Last Supper and share its meaning with your children. You can watch our church service here

Celebrate Passover – Understanding Passover helps us understand Easter even more. You can tell children the story of the Israelites in Egypt and how God raised up a redeemer (Moses) to bring them out of darkness and into the promised land. There are so many parallels like this that can help children understand the gospel. Fore example, the Angel of Death passing over the Jews who had sacrificed lamb’s blood over their door foretells how we are saved from the wages of sin (death) because we have the blood of Christ, the Lamb of God.  This post has ideas for celebrating Passover in a Christian home. 

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified by the grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus, whom God put forward as a propitiation by his blood, to be received by faith.” Romans 3:23

Watch The Chosen – This series about the life of Jesus came highly recommended. It is available by downloading the app in the App store and then watching on your phone or streaming on your t.v. through Apple TV or Roku. I think it’s best for middle/high school and up as there are some dark scenes. Preview before just to make sure it’s appropriate for your child. 

Watch the Jesus Film–  There is a children’s version here

Love your neighbor – Show Christ’s love by loving your neighbor. We are constantly sharing ideas on our Instagram page or see this post and this post

Share the good news – How can you share the good news this week? So many need to know that Jesus offers hope in a seemingly hopeless world. Send cards, call friends, share the good news with whoever you can.

Family Life –  See their post on ideas to do for Easter Sunday. 

Make hot cross buns or resurrection rolls. There are many recipes online! 

Watch church on Easter Sunday. 

I want to see how you celebrate Easter week at home with your family. Please post pics and tag @dosaygive. Use hashtag #dosaygiveathome or DM us the pics and we will try to share!

And please share this post with your friends! 

Source: Acrylic Dove Ornament from Fig and Dove 

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