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Be Lovely At Night (Intimates and Sleepwear)


Every February I write a post encouraging women to “be lovely at night.” Let’s throw out our ratty pajamas pants and replenish our intimates and sleepwear drawer with things we love and feel good about. I have browsed my favorite stores and sharing some favorites in today’s post!

I’ll never forget, maybe a year or so after I got married, we were visiting my grandparents and I came downstairs one morning in a washed out sorority t-shirt and flannel pajamas. It was no coincidence that a few days later my grandmother called me and had the “don’t let yourself go” talk.

At first I was defensive (“he loves me no matter what I wear!”), but I eventually came to agree with the ideals of my grandmother. I believe it’s important for both men and women to make effort to present our best selves to our significant others and keep the flame alive, so to speak. And Vacation Bible School volunteer t-shirts every night just don’t cut it;).

So this annual post really has ulterior motives. My drawers are in desperate need of some new nightgowns and sleep sets. But before I get to those, I want to share some pretty intimates and bra sets I found. Nothing to racy here! Everything is tasteful but would still make your hubby swoon this Valentine’s Day.

Okay now for the pajama sets and nightgowns!

P.S. You know what’s sweet? My girls always make comments when I wear pretty nightgowns at night: “Mom, you look so fancy!” Being lovely in your daughters eyes is important, too, I guess.

Also, don’t miss my cute Valentine’s gift inspiration post from Saturday. Lots of cute ideas for your bestie, child’s teacher, and maybe even yourself!



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6 thoughts on “Be Lovely At Night (Intimates and Sleepwear)

  1. Guilty! Lately, I’ve been so tired in the morning that I wear my work out clothes (sports bra and all) to bed at night so I’m not tempted to skip the gym in the morning. I bet feeling “lovely” at bedtime would make me feel more refreshed in the morning. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Do you recommend any of the nightgowns or pajama sets for those of us with larger busts? None of these pictures show women with large busts and a lot of times I can’t wear nightgowns or pajama sets with tank tops because my breasts don’t fit or it is not appropriate to wear in front of my children. ?

    1. Okay I am not “blessed” in that area but I asked a friend who is and she said she really likes this Hanro brand. Kind of pricey but probably would last a long time with gentle care. The Juliet string chemise looks pretty and comfy! So does the Ginerva one. Another idea is to wear a camisole under some of the looser silk nightgowns.

      I bet other readers will have some good suggestions, too!

      1. Thank you Lee. I am actually still nursing my youngest (of 4) so a camisole/nursing tank under a looser nightgown would work perfectly. 🙂

  3. All of it is lovely! I have always liked feeling pretty at night. My sister used to sleep in workout clothes (leggings and tanks) and when she was about to be married, I told her, “Happily married women don’t sleep in Lulemon.” She took my advice and filled her drawer with pretty nightgowns ?. I’m forwarding some of these to my mister as a hint for V-Day!

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