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Introducing…The Mom’s Companion Guide to Senior Year


Over the past decade, DoSayGive has been a steadfast companion for moms, providing encouragement, guidance, and the collective wisdom of experienced mothers as they navigate the various seasons of life. So this next step in DoSayGive’s content just makes sense. Now, as I prepare to embrace the senior year of my own child in high school this fall, I couldn’t be more excited to unveil our latest offering: The Mom’s Companion Guide to Senior Year! To all moms with seniors from the Class of 2025, I invite you to join me on this exciting journey. And if you know a mom of an upcoming senior, you might want to pass along this helpful new resource! 

What is The Mom’s Companion Guide to Senior Year?

Senior year is a time of fun and celebration for seniors, but the whirlwind of activities and tasks often leaves moms feeling lost in the chaos, wondering what ball they dropped or what they forgot to do.

The Mom’s Companion Guide to Senior Year provides a roadmap to navigate every step of this pivotal year, allowing you to savor every moment without the stress. No more worrying about forgetting important tasks or feeling like you’re dropping the ball. We’ve thought of everything and mapped it out in an easy-to-follow format, so you can stay organized and enjoy this special time with your child – withour a lot of tension!

What’s Included:


Monthly Task Breakdown:

Receive monthly emails with actionable tasks and resources for each stage of senior year. Gradually check off to do’s so you are less stressed come next spring!

Senior Survival Spreadsheet

Stay organized with our exclusive and incredibly helpful spreadsheet to track college applications, gifting, outfits, and thank you notes throughout the senior year. Helpful for your senior to do senior tasks and you to do mom tasks!

Expert Interviews

Learn from interviews with college counseling specialists, recruitment experts (for girls) and seasoned moms, offering support and guidance for your child’s transition to college. Listen or watch on your phone. 

Exclusive Discounts

Enjoy exclusive savings on graduation gifts, announcements, and more. There’s a lot to purchase senior year so we are going to help make it easy on the budget!

Members-Only Resource Site

Gain access to our members-only site filled with valuable college application tips, graduation party ideas, and more. We’ve done the work for you!


With our comprehensive resource, you’ll never have to worry about dropping the ball senior year. We’ve covered everything, ensuring that you won’t forget a single detail. Plus, by staying organized and reducing stress, you’ll find that tensions with your senior decrease, allowing you both to cherish sweet memories during this final year together at home.


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