A Classic Children's Company Giving Back (A Darling Gift Idea, Too!)

A Classic Children’s Company Giving Back to Louisiana (And It’s A Darling Gift Idea!)

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When the owner of classic children’s company Grace and James reached out to ask if I would share about a campaign helping some of the Lousiana flood victims, I was all ears. Y’all are going to love the precious clothes available to pre-order – 100% of the proceeds go to a great cause.

Both owners of this precious company are teachers so it’s no surprise they wanted to donate to a cause that would help teachers who lost their classroom supplies in the flooding. All of the profits from the appliqué t-shirts, dress savers, and pants from the UnBReakable campaign will go to The Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana (A+PEL), which has a dedicated fund to support teachers who have lost their classroom materials during this year’s horrific flooding. Listen to some of these recent happenings in Baton Rouge, according to Grace and James’s owner:
  • 5 parishes worth of schools have flood damage
  • Flooded schools are in temporary buildings that they share with other schools. Most classrooms house 2 classes (40-50 kids and 2 teachers).
  • Schools split their day so younger kids may come for the morning while the older kids come after lunch.
  • In Livingston Parish, 90% of the parish was completely flooded. Most families lost not only their schools but their homes too.
  • Their initial goal was to raise $10,000 but they have raised over $120,000 so far and EVERY single cent has gone to teachers.
  • 11,000 teachers have applied for aid so far and every teacher has received a $50 check.
  • In Ascension Parish the schools have moved into an abandoned build that previously housed a community college. It is located next to a swamp and before students were allowed to attend class, FIFTEEN alligators had to be captured and removed from the campus. They have a “fence” up to keep any other alligators away. The A+PEL staff member said that there have been alligators spotted on the campus. Yikes!
Now for the darling tees. Remember, all proceeds go to this cause so it’s definitely a gift that gives back – for your own children, grandchildren or even a friend!
And one for the boys, too:
You can order both of the boys and girls’ designs with coordinating pants. And the precious designs can also be put on Grace and James’ signature dress savers. These are great for going out to dinner or after church brunch – keeps those pretty dresses clean!
And don’t forget the adult tees and tanks! You’ll see me wearing mine on Instagram I’m sure!
Side note: these precious designs are designs from Baton Rouge native, Jessica Whitley, and BR resident, Katharine Dore. Both are Grace and James customers who got in on this special project. Love hearing stories like this!
A+PEL is a non-profit organization that offers support to teachers around LA in the form of professional development, classroom support, and much more. 100% off the donations will be given directly to the teachers affected by the flooding.
Thank you to Grace and James for being a company that gives back!


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2 thoughts on “A Classic Children’s Company Giving Back to Louisiana (And It’s A Darling Gift Idea!)

  1. These tees are not bad at all. Matter fact, they look beautiful. The fact that the money will go for a good cause it’s the icing on the cake. There are a lot of people in need, and I believe that this is a brilliant idea in order to help them.