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Giving Tuesday


With every passing year, I grow more and more passionate about teaching my girls the importance of stepping outside of themselves by serving, particularly during the holiday season when it’s easy for gifting to become “all about me.” This year is tricky, however, due to the current COVID-19 restrictions in many places. Which is why we wanted a page on DoSayGive devoted entirely to finding places to safely serve and give. DoSayGive is all about making giving to your loved ones easy, why should it not do the same for giving to your community? 

COVID shouldn’t stop us from being lights in our community and helping those in need. So on our DoSayGivesBack page you can find safe ways to give and serve this holiday season.

The safe serving opportunities are mostly in Dallas (got to show love to my city!) but is meant to serve as a guide to inspire readers to find similar opportunities in their hometowns. Most cities have a Meals on Wheels, Salvation Army and Ronald McDonald House. There are opportunities for setting up food drives and filling shoe boxes to delivering meals. 

So many of the normal fundraising opportunities these organizations depend on didn’t happen in 2020 because of COVID so they are relying on donations to meet the needs of those they serve. But we can help meet these needs by donating or shopping on of their wishlists. From organizations that help the homeless to victims of domestic violence, the needs are great and any gift is appreciated. Read more about these organizations here

Human nature leads us to sometimes want glory or attention for our good deeds (guilty!). We don’t get a photo op for our Instagram feed by giving to a wishlist. But isn’t that what giving is supposed to be about and what we are to teach our children? Giving selflessly, without merit.

The thing is our children are watching. And we can still use giving to a wishlist as a teaching opportunity for our children. Sit down at the computer, pick out toys and clothes together, and talk about why we give to others. Let’s join hands and steer our littles’ hearts toward service and gratitude! 

This DoSayGive community is made up of thoughtful people. This I know because you come to us to find thoughtful ways to do, say and give! So thank you for thoughtfully giving to those in need in 2020. Thank you dearly!

(And please share any organizations below that are close to your heart that we need to know about!) 

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