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Get them Before They’re Gone: Backyard Water Slides, Baby Pools and More!


Remember last year this time when there was a run of backyard inflatable pools? Thankfully I don’t think that will be the case this year BUT if you want to make sure you have the best pick of backyard water toys we’ve rounded them up in today’s post. Several of the big blow-up slides are on sale and our lemon baby pool is back in stock! 

Think ahead to backyard parties and birthday gifts, too. Inflatable toys are so much fun during the long summer, days! 

Inflatable Pools

MiniDip Pool
These sell so fast!
Lemon Baby Pool
Under $40!
MiniDip Pool
Comes in blue too!
SunSquad Pool
Get this one via curbside pickup!

For Little Ones

Panda Play Pool
A good $40 option!
Rainbow Play Pool
Cutest colors on this one!
Garden Pool
25% off today!
Sprinkler Ball
Makes a cute gift too!

Inflatable Water Slides

Little Tikes Slide
Cute for ages 1-7.
H2OGO! Water Slide
Over 25% off today!
H2OGO! Mountain
Major sale on this one!
Little Tikes Slide
Good for ages 5-10.

For More Back Yard Fun

Sprinkler Ball
So fun for the sports lover!
Rainbow Sprinkler
Darling for summer!
Watermelon Slide
How cute is this?!
Mega Slide
Older children will love this!

For more of our favorite Water Toys for toddlers, see this post! 

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